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We all need help sometimes — Get the support and expertise you need to succeed

By Jennifer Tullman-Botzer posted Sun July 19, 2020 06:15 AM


I’m not someone who likes to ask for help. I can struggle silently for far too long before acknowledging I could use some new ideas or insights – and I’ll admit there have been times when projects I’ve been working on have suffered because of my obstinance. 

But while it isn’t always easy for me speak up when I could use a little help, I do recognize the value that can be provided by consulting an expert. As much as I know about a given subject, there will always be someone out there who knows even more – and why shouldn’t I take advantage of that in order to improve my own knowledge or results?

Getting help from peers is likely the reason many of you have joined our Security Community, and I hope that you are able to find most of what you need here. But sometimes, especially when dealing with complicated security deployments and optimizations, we could all benefit from having a direct line to a true product expert.

IBM Security Expert Essentials is a new offering from the IBM Security Expert Labs team, and it's designed specifically for security clients who want to get the very most out of your investments with IBM. Expert Essentials is a subscription-based bundle of services that gives you access to expertise and can be customized based on your skills, project requirements, and business and technical needs. Services offered include direct access to product expertise, personalized training, priority case handling and built-in consulting hours.

Whether you’re using QRadar for the first time, expanding your Guardium deployment, or customizing your intelligence analysis journey with i2, Expert Essentials will provide the level of support your team needs to overcome your challenges and achieve your objectives.

Asking for help isn’t easy for all of us, but with literally thousands of IBM Security product and technical advisors available to assist you, there’s no reason not to explore how Expert Essentials can make your installations, deployments, migrations and optimizations seamless and stress-free.

And to give you taste of one of the features available in all three tiers of the Expert Essentials offering, we’re giving qualified customers a 30-day free trial of IBM Security Online Expert Q&A during the months of July and August 2020.

With this special offer, up to 2 users in your organization will get access to the Online Expert Q&A tool, allowing you to ask questions on topics such as:
• Installation and configuration tips
• Deployment and migration best practices
• Performance tuning
• Product optimization techniques

Fill out this form to get started with your free trial or click here to learn more about the IBM Security Expert Labs team and the new Expert Essentials offerings. Just don’t hesitate to get some help taking your product deployments to the next level!