IBM Security Verify

10.2.2020 - IBM Security Verify Features and Functionality Enhancements

By Jen Mulligan posted Tue October 20, 2020 06:12 PM


Quickly download session data for adaptive access troubleshooting

This enhancement enables the tenant admin to effectively interact with IBM support when dealing with Adaptive Access support tickets. The tenant admin can now download the entire Adaptive Access report as a json file, capturing critical data like CorrelationId, SessionId, and SnippetId, and send it to IBM support for review.

Require MFA on a recurring basis in access policies

With this feature, admins can enforce a particular authentication factor to be performed by a user, or can enforce a user to re-authenticate after ‘n’ days/hours/minutes. This enhancement allows an admin to associate a revalidation interval with the authentication factors.  The authentication factors present in the User profile are now processed/locked when evaluating the Access policy containing the factor life time condition.

Retry authentication on error for OpenID connect applications

The option to reauthenticate when a user encounters an error in the OIDC SSO flow.

This enhancement creates a better user experience by allowing a user who is blocked from accessing an application to reauthenticate as another user via a provided URL on the error page to restart the authentication.

Improved user experience for Attribute management

Improves support filtering on the Attributes table, enhancing the user experience by allowing a user to filter attributes based on scope (built-in, custom, identity source cred), and tags, (SSO, prov, user profile). 

Improved onboarding experience for the Verify Brokerage agent

This update improves the user and deployment experience by allowing a user to download a consumable docker compose file from UI. A user can create an Active Directory agent and download a YAML file containing agent details like client ID that previously had to be manually entered.

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