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Adversarial AI: Lying chatbots, deep fakes and more ...

By Jeff Crume posted Mon August 14, 2023 10:03 AM


I'll be presenting at TechXchange on the subject of "Adversarial AI: Lying chatbots, deep fakes and more ..." Here are some details about the session. Hope to see you there!

Session Title: Let's Explore Adversarial AI: The Rise of Deceptive Chatbots and Deep Fakes [1308]

Session Description: This presentation will explore the potential dangers of adversarial AI, lying chatbots, and deep fakes. We will discuss how these technologies are becoming more sophisticated and how they can be used to deceive people, spread disinformation, and even cause harm. Through real-world examples and demonstrations, we will explore the implications of these technologies for society in order to gain a better understanding of these emerging technologies and the risks they pose. (Note: This description was written by ChatGPT, which seems oddly appropriate.)

Session ID: 1308

Date / Time: TBD

Location: TBD

Top 3 things that will be Discussed or Learned:

1.   How trustworthy are today’s chatbots?

2.   How could deep fakes impact security?

3.   How is AI being used to improve cybersecurity?

Fun Fact(s) about me: 

I have not missed a day of running in over 10 years. 🤪

Don’t miss this opportunity; register now for TechXchange Conference from Sept 11-Sept 14th in Las Vegas.