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IBM Security announces general availability of ReaQta Essential MDR

By James Griffin posted Thu June 30, 2022 09:03 AM




Today, IBM Security announced the general availability of ReaQta Essential MDR, a Managed Detection and Response (MDR) service that combines the power of the ReaQta EDR platform and IBM Managed Security Services (MSS), the market leader in cybersecurity advisory and security services, to protect clients 24/7/365 against advanced and unknown endpoint threats. 


The latest Cost of a Data Breach report conducted by IBM and the Ponemon Institute revealed that, on average, it takes 287 days to identify and contain a breach. An often-cited problem is that there are too many tools and alerts to adequately reduce mean time to resolution (MTTR) and improve productivity. In addition, cybersecurity skills gaps are increasing with a shortage of experienced security professionals available to handle sophisticated and advanced threats. These problems lead to a lack of visibility into the organizational environment and diminish the chances of breaches being discovered and remediated quickly, which may potentially inflict serious damage.  


The ReaQta Essential MDR service strengthens the cybersecurity posture of mid-sized organizations by protecting their endpoints against advanced unknown and zero-day attacks that can seriously disrupt business continuity and cause reputational damage. 


ReaQta Essential MDR provides the following benefits: 


  • 24/7/365 monitoring, tracking, and resolving critical alerts while keeping clients up to date with enriched threat details, recommendations and responses sent directly to the customer console
  • AI-powered cyber defense augmented by IBM certified security professionals to identify and track the most sophisticated threat actors and run advanced threat hunting campaigns
  • Zero downtime, where detected threats are remediated fast minimizing business risk and reducing damages of interruption of services
  • Deep Threat Portfolio available for further advisory, system integration and managed security services (MSS)


The uniform policy management is integral to ReaQta Essential MDR and ensures a consistent ruleset and response to the latest threats. Clients will be notified about critical alerts which also include a response recommendation from IBM’s AI and integrated back into the clients’ ReaQta console. Medium and low alerts are also presented in the console as well as directed to your report, giving a full overview of all alerts that can be used for meeting compliance and regulatory requirements. 


Check out our one pager to find out more. You can schedule a consult with an MDR expert to learn about how ReaQta Essential MDR can help your security team and protect your business.


About IBM Security ReaQta 

ReaQta, an IBM company, is an AI Autonomous Detection & Response platform, built by an elite group of cyber security experts and AI/ML researchers.  It incorporates advanced automated threat-hunting features, allowing organizations to eliminate advanced threats in real-time. For more information, visit our website.