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Need to learn more about MaaS360? Consider these popular MaaS360 courses

By Jack Thompson posted Mon March 16, 2020 01:20 PM


The MaaS360 courses have over 28,000 enrollments! Don't miss out on this free MaaS360 learning available to you 24/7.

Where do you start? Go to the IBM Security Learning Academy which provides micro-learning for all IBM Security products. All you need is your IBM ID to enroll in any of the courses, including videos and hands-on labs.

Once you arrive on the Security Learning Academy home page, you can explore all courses available for IBM Security products..... Screen_Shot_2020-03-10_at_10_56_57_AM.png
Or if you scroll down the page, you can go directly to Explore Mobile Security: MaaS360 courses. Fuind_Maas360_courses.png
You can have your own personalized Dashboard to track your progress and you can even share your progress reports with other colleagues sla_dashboard.png
When you reach the MaaS360 home page you can access the MaaS360 Ongoing Product Education link which provides important information on releases, updates, etc.

Below that, you access the different MaaS360 training roadmaps, product categories, including Mobile Security IBM MaaS360 Latest, which shows new courses published in the last 45 days. 
Click on the Training Roadmaps block to view the different roles and related course roadmaps. Screen_Shot_2020-03-10_at_11_24_28_AM.png

In the MaaS360 category, you can easily search for topics.

What courses are people taking now? Here are some popular courses that we encourage you to complete if you haven't already:
Also, do not miss out on two of our more popular badges offered for MaaS360:

Take a tour of the Security Learning Academy and post a comment if you have a suggestion for a course topic!