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Beyond external threats: proactive security with internal visibility and testing

By Isabella Rocha posted Tue April 16, 2024 12:05 PM


IBM Security Randori is thrilled to announce our enhanced solution, designed to broaden discovery and test your defenses like never before. With the introduction of Internal Discovery and Internal Testing, we're taking a giant leap forward in our commitment to providing an authentic attacker’s perspective.

New Features to Discover and Test

Take control of your growing attack surface with real-time insights into your greatest security risks. 

Internal Discovery is now a cornerstone of both our Standard and Premium packages. It goes beyond surface-level asset visibility. It digs deep, allowing you to identify and manage hidden assets, such as unauthorized shadow IT operations or overlooked resources following company acquisitions. These are critical in preventing data breaches and maintaining operational integrity, especially when teams inadvertently spin up software without proper oversight or lose track of assets during mergers.

Internal Testing, now an exclusive component of our Premium tier, takes your security preparedness to the next level. This feature enables your team to assess and strengthen internal defenses by deploying real-world attack scenarios that are actively threatening the digital landscape. More than just a testing protocol, it's a comprehensive, automated solution designed to validate vulnerabilities, test credentials, and more, simulating authentic threats in a controlled environment. With Internal Testing, you gain a clear lens into your system’s resilience against evolving cyber threats.

With these new feature enhancements, IBM Security Randori illuminates your top exposures (internal and external) so you can answer the critical question of what your organization looks like from an attacker’s point of view.   

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