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Bringing innovation to life with IBM

By Gregor Frimodt-Moeller posted Wed April 19, 2023 10:08 AM


Anycloud has been in the industry for more than 25 years, and one of the reasons for our success is innovation. A constant and consistent renewal throughout times. 

Innovation is a key differentiator in keeping our relevance. It has also been changing our company several times over the years. In recent years our company has gone from a local to a global company, and it could not have been achieved without our partnership with IBM – a partnership that started back in 2008. Since the beginning of our partnership with IBM, we have leaned on IBM for innovative technology, knowledge sharing, and most importantly opportunities for product development. 

As an example, in one of our six services, we deliver is fraud detection. Cyber threats comes in different shapes and sizes, and all industries are prone to fraudsters. Keeping up with hackers and securing customers on digital platforms is a challenge for all companies, big or small. We chose a specific area of security to specialize in, a place that is very difficult to solve and an area to which we could bring value to the market. Today IBM Trusteer tackles the ever-changing digital threat landscape – a service that fits with our business model and product portfolio in Anycloud and we saw an opportunity to deliver IBM Trusteer in our own version to markets that was unreachable for IBM.

Anycloud Digital Trust was built, also formerly known as ReTrust. The service is built on the advanced IBM technology, powered by IBM Trusteer, and delivered by us in a cost-effective as-a-Service model. By incorporating IBM Trusteer into our Digital Trust solution provides customers with advanced protection against malware, phishing attacks, and other forms of fraud. This works on customers web app, or mobile app, whether it might fx. be an banking/Insurance platform or any other industry that either have digital data to steal or a brand to protect.
We have leveraged the Trusteer machine learning and behavioral analytics to analyze user attributes and detect anomalies to quickly identify and respond to potential threats. 

We also leverage the system in a way, you might consider as the invisible MFA – screening users arriving to the web or mobile app and ensuring everybody is who they claim to be. Building Digital Trust through profiling and keeping fraudsters out and, in the end, creating a safe place to access for the end users by eliminating fraud.

The integration of IBM Trusteer into the Anycloud service portfolio helped us strengthen our security offerings, innovation, and position in the market. It allowed us to deliver seamless experiences to our customers on digital platforms and build an AI-powered digital trust service with real-time fraud detection.

Without the know-how from IBM, the continuous partnership and innovation for elevating our solutions, we would not have reached the global market prescence we have today.


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