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#BeyondtheDSMGuide : Early Access Integration for IBM QRadar and Microsoft Defender for Endpoint!

By Gaurav Sharma posted Wed April 13, 2022 11:46 AM



<Entries to this Early Access Programme are now closed. Please reach out to me directly at for any questions.> 

Hi QRadar Community,

I have more exciting news!

In our continued efforts to support and expand our Microsoft partnerships, we are happy to announce that we are participating in the private preview of MS Alerts API by releasing an Early Access DSM for Microsoft Defender for Endpoint.

IBM will be launching a closed beta initially in partnership with MSFT. Meaning that as MSFT has their closed beta, we’ll run one together! Let us know if you’re interested and would like to take part! I’ll update this blog once we close the beta.

I do wish to emphasize that our QRadar users can continue to use our existing Microsoft Defender for Endpoint integration. Further, we plan to release our official DSM as MSFT makes general availability of the API endpoint.

See Microsoft’s notice here -,customers%20to%20April%201st%2C%202022.

After collecting initial feedback on this closed beta, we look forward to releasing the updated DSM for all customers to test in the coming weeks with Microsoft’s public preview release.

I’d like to shoutout my teammates Dane Frenette, Chris Collins, Derek Rushton, and Divya Negi for their contributions to this project, as well as Michael Shalev, my counterpart at Microsoft.

For any questions or to express interest in this Early Access release, please feel free to reach out to me on

Big thanks to our counter-parts at MSFT!



Gaurav Sharma

Product Manager, QRadar