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Enhancing Human-Centric Cybersecurity Solutions with AI and Automation

By Feras Tappuni posted Tue January 16, 2024 01:30 PM


Automation means time can be spent on priorities that have the greatest impact to customers and business, reducing manual operations for your security team. Here are 5 ways managed cyber security services, which take advantage of AI and automation, can benefit your business.

Increase Productive Capacity with Proactive Threat Hunting

Automation allows teams to work more efficiently, handling lengthy tasks such as log collection, correlation, or normalisation, as well as other tasks that are not a priority but have to be completed for due diligence.

Real time analysis of security data highlights patterns that might be missed by analysts. By detecting suspicious patterns as they emerge, security teams can put in place the right steps to mitigate threats before they develop. Proactive threat hunting, like this, strengthens the security posture of an organisation, mitigating potential risks.

Security Automation for Cost Reduction

Lack of automation carries a financial burden too. Without automation, the manpower required for continuous threat hunting, on a yearly, monthly, or even daily basis, can be significant. And cyber security experts don’t come cheap.

By using an optimum mix of automation, MSSPs reduce costs for customers. If security teams have the time to respond to threats faster for customers, this reduces the number of potential breaches, bringing costs down in the process, and improving organisational efficiency.

Improve Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability

Automation can improve the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of data. Take a business that outsources everything. The issue is that if they do fall victim to a cyber-attack, getting someone to isolate the issue, server, device, or host can be very difficult, and the customer might not have direct access. Automated technology means threats are isolated immediately, no matter where they lie, without an analyst getting involved.

The Human Touch

Whilst AI and automation can be used to enhance certain aspects of cyber security, the human touch cannot be replicated.

AI tools are great at continuously monitoring to detect and alert on suspicious user behaviour, however this tends to generate a significant amount of false positive threat alerts. The human touch is necessary to confirm whether an alert is in fact a real threat, a false positive or something else, and then determine the best response. AI cannot do that alone; you still need the experience of what to look out for.

IT Teams are too busy to sift through endless threat alerts detected by AI. Instead, AI can be used in combination with human expertise, to notify customers only when action is necessary. 

Combining AI and Automation with Security Operations Centers (SOCs)

SecurityHQ are constantly upgrading our solutions on behalf of our valued customers, continually evolving to meet market demands and suit modern ways of working. Our Incident Management Platform uses automation to facilitate rapid threat containment, blocking communications instantly to isolate infected machines. These automated tools within our platform integrate seamlessly with our 24/7 managed SOC services, ensuring our customers are protected by an army of over 400+ qualified analysts.

Outcomes of Automation for IT Teams

  • Overcome task volume and complexity.
  • Focus on detecting and responding to threats.
  • Free up time to apply skills on what matters.
  • Improve organizational efficiency.
  • Lower costs.
  • Faster response rates.
  • Improved investigation accuracy, which means fewer risks to the business. 
  • Less alert fatigue.
Although AI and automated tools are commonplace in the cyber security industry, the human touch is crucial to maximise the security posture for businesses. Managed cyber security services help IT leaders make informed decisions and keep their vital IT infrastructure secure.