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NEW Technology Alliance with Aquera Synchronizes Popular HR Applications with Verify and Extends Downstream Application Provisioning Targets

By Erika Weiler posted Mon February 01, 2021 11:04 AM


Many organizations today leverage many HR apps, cloud applications and on-premises applications. Managing the lifecycle of user access to the organizational application and IT infrastructure is resource intensive and often delayed causing productivity loss, high operational costs and security gaps. Unfortunately, this level of automation has not been possible due to the lack of connectivity to the range of HR and business applications required to this deliver this level of automation. IBM has partnered with Aquera to augment the connectivity of IBM Security Verify to fully automate user lifecycle management directly from any HR system to any downstream application, database, directory or device. The joint solution delivers automated access to the application and IT infrastructure as joiners, movers and leavers are added or updated in the HR applications. Organizations benefit with improved productivity, lowered operational costs, and eliminated security gaps.

Aquera extends IBM Security Verify’s inbound provisioning range by over 25 HR applications and its outbound provisioning range by over 350 applications. In combination the Aquera and the IBM Security Verify connector catalogs address the entirety of the user lifecycle automation opportunity.

For inbound provisioning the Aquera HR Onboarding Bridge bi-directionally synchronizes users from one or more HR systems, including HCM applications and applicant tracking systems, with IBM Security Verify to rapidly onboard and offboard candidates, new hires, and existing employees to and from the IT infrastructure all at once or in stages. The Aquera bridge provides out-of-box, simple-to-use yet robust capabilities such as automated attribute mapping, configurable group rules, multi-level user matching, table lookups, and data cleansing inspection to rapidly configure and deploy the solution. The bridge also onboards customers from CRM applications to access customer-facing applications.

On the outbound provisioning side, the Aquera Account Provisioning Gateway and connectors use the SCIM protocol to communicate with IBM Security Verify to create, update, and deactivate user accounts in cloud applications, on-premises applications, databases, directories, and devices. Aquera builds new connectors on-demand in one to five days.

To learn more about the IBM Security Verify and Aquera integration please reach out to your account representative to schedule a demo and check out the Technology Alliance Partner Directory (



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