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Transitioning to the IBM Support Portal for Software Downloads

By Elizabeth Hecht posted Mon March 16, 2020 11:13 AM


FAQ: Transition to the IBM Support portal for Software Downloads and Documentation and End of access to the SuccessHub


In the coming weeks, we will be sunsetting the Resilient SuccessHub and migrating to the IBM Support Portal. The Resilient team greatly values its customers, and we’re constantly striving for new and better ways to improve our communications and support that we offer. 


In order to improve your Support experience and align across IBM Security products, Resilient is moving to the IBM Support Portal for technotes and to Passport Advantage and Fix Central for all software downloads.


The IBM Support Portal contains a single search interface combineing our documentation, Knowledge Center, Technical Documents, and Learning Academy material into a single location. There are also direct links to Downloads from Passport Advantage and FixCentral.


Ideas can be found by visiting the IBM Resilient Security Community and navigating the links on the homepage.



Where can I search for Troubleshooting documents?

Technotes and additional documentation downloads will be available by searching for Resilient on the IBM Support Portal. You can learn more about searching for articles here.


Where do I obtain new Software or OVAs for IBM Resilient?

By going to IBM Passport Advantage.


Where will I download Updates to the product?

IBM Fix Central.


How will I be updated about new Documents or Software?

The IBM Support Community includes a Notifications subscription service where you can subscribe to new, updated and critical technical support content and status of SaaS systems for our product.


Where will I log new enhancement Requests?

You can get to the Ideas portal by going first to the IBM Resilient Community and clicking on the IBM Security Resilient Ideas (RFE's).


Our new portal is supported by IBM Watson and will provide you with enhanced transparency into your ticket resolution workflow along with improved self-service options. We have a short video to learn more:

Additional training materials related to the transition can be found here.


The IBM Support Portal is a “one-stop shop” for Customer Support related information for the Resilient solution, and will offer you the following self-service capabilities:

  • Create a Support Case
  • Search for Product Documents
  • Download New Versions of the product.
  • Simplified search capability to view ticket history and knowledge base articles.


Please leave any comments below with questions/concerns. We’d be happy to get in touch with you if you have a specific question!


-Liz Hecht, IBM Security Technical Account Manager