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Accurate Data Classification: The Key to Unlocking the Full Potential of Guardium Data Protection

By Edith Mendez posted Thu June 01, 2023 09:50 AM


Organizations have invested significantly in their security tools to protect sensitive data throughout the enterprise. But with growing amounts of data across multiple platforms and data repositories, both on-premise and in the cloud, it becomes difficult to keep track of and manage what sensitive data is out there and how it is being protected. Security teams approach this challenge by monitoring and protecting everything- which is a great start, but it often needs more precise context into the data and its sensitivity levels. This may result in inadequate protection around sensitive data, alert fatigue, and over-run security tools. 

The first step in protecting sensitive data is knowing where your sensitive resides, its sensitivity level, and business use. IBM Security Discover and Classify provides customers with broader scanning and deeper context around sensitive data and integrates with Guardium Data Protection so users can make informed decisions about monitoring and protecting sensitive data. IBM Security Discover and Classify helps to alleviate the burden of monitoring growing amounts of data by feeding Guardium Data Protection with precise context into sensitive data, so your teams only focus on monitoring and protecting what is truly necessary. 

IBM Security Discover and Classify does so by continuously scanning all types of data sources, data repositories, and data lakes and creates a master catalog of sensitive data using advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence techniques to automate these processes. By providing business context around sensitive data, organizations can quickly and accurately classify sensitive data such as personal data, intellectual property, financial information, and health care information and apply the appropriate security and compliance controls. 

Guardium Data Protection is a data security platform offering a range of security controls to protect databases and sensitive data. The platform includes features such as database activity monitoring, vulnerability assessment, and real-time activity alerts. It helps organizations protect their databases and sensitive data from various threats, including insider threats, external attacks, and compliance violations. 

IBM Security Discover and Classify’s automated, near real-time discovery, network mapping, and tracking of sensitive data, combined with Guardium Data Protection’s robust data monitoring, can help you boost operational efficiency, significantly reduce risk, and lower costs for your organization. By only protecting what is necessary and applying the appropriate security measures to the right data, security professionals can focus on other important tasks.

To learn more about optimizing your Guardium investments to secure your business, join us on Wednesday, June 14, 2023 at 1:00 PM EDT to hear our Guardium experts discuss the integration and benefits and provide a demo.

In the meantime, read the white paper to explore in-depth the integration of IBM Security Discover and Classify and Guardium Data Protection.