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IBM TechXchange Conference 2023: AI, Data Security, Guardium, Hybrid Cloud, CyberSecurity

By DEVAN SHAH posted Sat August 26, 2023 11:09 PM


Data Security .... Data Security .... Data Security!!!!

I am super excited to be presenting 4 sessions at TechXchange in Las Vegas next month all around Data Security and how Data Security can help your organization with the evolution of data happening. 

We're going to discuss the evolution of the Guardium portfolio, the future of Guardium Insights, how to get the most out of your investments, and having some great conversations about what our customers are looking for in the world of data security.

So make plans to join us, September 11-14, at TechXchange at the MGM Grand, and stop on by to guess which one of these 3 things is a lie:

  • I cooked for Lady Gaga 
  • I snowboard at an Expert level
  • I have jumped out of a 3rd floor balcony of an apartment building

Sneak peak .... Come to the session to get a low down of the rest of the diagram ...


Now lets get into the sessions them self ....

Session 1

Title: Infuse AI into Data Security

Session ID: 5050

Session Description: AI is everywhere, but where is it in Data Security??? With the large bust of data over the last 5 years, "the overall global datasphere reached 64 zettabytes in 2020." Data security infused with AI is critical to be able sift through all of this data to be able to detect attacks such as Account takeover, brute force attack, cross-site scripting, data leak, data tampering, DDoS, insider threat, massive grants, OS command injection, etc. With all of these different attacks we need a easy way for users to be able to understand, categorization and prioritize what to focus on first. This session will dive deep into AI technology to tackle the above problem and manage this to reduce noice for customer and provide automated investigations pointers / recommendations.

Date & time: Thursday, Sep 1410:30 AM - 11:30 AM PDT
Location: MGM Grand Convention Center, Room 302 (Level 3)

Session 2

Title: Securing the Future: Data Protection in the Hybrid Cloud Era

Session ID: 5060

Session Description: As the cloud continues to evolve with the rise of multi-cloud strategies and the persistence of on-premises solutions, securing data across these diverse landscapes is vital. How do we connect and protect databases in such a complex environment? This hands-on lab provides an essential experience on linking cloud and on-premises databases into a single platform. Through this, you will learn how to monitor and safeguard your database effectively. Join us in navigating the hybrid cloud age, and take control of your data security like never before.

Date & time: Tuesday, Sep 125:00 PM - 6:30 PM PDT
Location: MGM Grand Convention Center, Boulevard 163, Level 1

Session 3

Title: Securing Your Cloud Database: End-to-End Data Activity Monitoring with Guardium

Session ID: 5072

Session Description: Setting up a cloud database is straightforward, but what about securing it? In this session, you will journey through the deployment of a cloud database, focusing on how Guardium can enable comprehensive monitoring and protection. We will tackle challenges including separation of duties, cloud configuration for log gathering, and best practices for securing and protecting your database. Join this session to safeguard your data in the cloud with confidence.

Date & time: Wednesday, Sep 135:00 PM - 6:00 PM PDT
Location: MGM Grand Convention Center, Room 302 (Level 3)

Session 4

Title: Ensuring Secure and Compliant Cloud Migration and Repatriation

Session ID: 2240

Session Description: With the evolution of more and more sophisticated threats it is critical to be able to identify these threats, and respond to the threats with in hours vs months. With the explosion of data over the last 3 years more and more data breaches are happening with no ways to identify the full data attack path or pattern. On top of that responding to these threats can take 287 days, with the seamless integration between SIEM, SOAR, NDR and data security to show how a data breach can be identify, correlated with other logs, and responded to in a automated fashion.

Date & time: Thursday, Sep 149:15 AM - 10:15 AM PDT
Location: MGM Grand Convention Center, Room 302 (Level 3)

Make sure you register: TechXchange Conference from Sept 11-Sept 14th in Las Vegas