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We Have a Winner: KuppingerCole Puts IBM Identity Governance and Intelligence in All Three Leader Quadrants for 2020

By Deepak Kanwar posted Mon November 30, 2020 04:08 PM


That’s right. The results are in. IBM Identity Governance and Intelligence—soon to be part of the Verify family and branded IBM Verify Governance—has been ranked by KuppingerCole in the top quadrant of all three of their leadership categories in their 2020 report. The highlights include:

  • In product and market leadership, IGI was ranked in the top quadrant entitled “Champion”
  • In product and innovation leadership, IGI was ranked in the top quadrant entitled “Technology Leader
  • In product and market leadership, IGI was ranked in the top quadrant entitled“Big Ones”
  • IGI received 4/5 “strong positive” and 1/5 “positive” ratings for security, functionality, interoperability, usability, and deployment...respectively
  • IBM received 5/5 “strong positive” ratings for innovativeness, market position, financial strength, and ecosystem
KuppingerCole, founded in 2004, is an international and independent analyst organization headquartered in Germany and specializing in offering neutral advice, expertise, thought leadership, and practical relevance in Identity & Access Management (IAM.) Their Leadership Compass Reports grow every year in stature and coverage. This year, they examined and ranked 22 governance solutions based on ten rating categories and three overall ratings...tough competition for any vendor’s product. IBM’s IGI scored a hat-trick!

They were positive about so many features of the offering, it’s hard to know where to start. They talked about IGI’s scalability: “IBM remains one of the largest and preferred IGA vendors for large-sized complex IGA deployments. Almost all deployment models and most delivery options are available for IBM’s IGI.” And “... builds on an established product supporting a broad range of different target systems with deep integration, and... provides full Access Governance capabilities”

They described our expansive developer support: “SDKs for most popular programming languages are given except for C/C++ and .NET. SCIM support is given for identity provisioning/de-provisioning. Java and JavaScript languages are available to support attribute mapping expressions.”

In addition, they addressed our solution’s ease-of use: “IBM has dramatically improved the usability and user interface recently, providing a good and well-integrated product now. Flexible workflows are given for role management, access request, identity data synchronization as well as account, entitlement provisioning/de-provisioning as well as access request workflow is supported.”

Our integration capabilities are a bright spot: “Also, IBM provides out of box integration with other products in its broader security portfolio. This makes IGI a good fit for customers looking for a comprehensive package of overall Access Governance and security.”And overall, their judgement of our IGI product and services capabilities was stellar: “...a mature IGA offering that continues to move in a positive direction with significant updates. It counts amongst the products that have seen the most substantial evolution over the years, making it a very competitive and interesting offering in the IGA market. IBM also benefits from its own strong professional services and excellent partner ecosystem, plus easy integration within the overall IBM Security product portfolio.”

Read the report for yourself. There’s no fee; it’s on us. There is a ton of information that will help you decide which governance solution is right for your organization. And, whether you choose IBM or not, if we can help in your decision process in any way, we’d be honored. In the meantime, we are very proud of our entire Governance team, the result of this latest KuppingerCole report, and the relationship we have with all our governance customers.

Deepak Kanwar
Worldwide Sales Leader, IBM Identity and Access Management


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Tue December 01, 2020 10:09 AM

Congratulations IGI team! Well done.