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ZSecure 2.4 Access Monitor Commands

By David Malbuff posted Tue December 29, 2020 12:15 PM


PP. 73-82 in the I&D Guide for ZSecure mentions Access Monitor commands. It gives no indication of how these commands are executed. They do not work as parameters of the MODIFY C2PACMON command. There is a reference to "Operator commands" but these commands cant' be entered as operator commands on the console or via SDSF. There is no option within ZSecure Access Monitor ISPF panels to enter these commands. If there's a batch interface for them, its existence is exceptionally well concealed. 

We are trying to use the OPTION SHOWSTATISTICS command, but we have no platform, dialog, or other entry point from where to execute it.  The book seems to assume the installer knows where to enter these. Well, we sure don't. 

Has anyone ever used these, and if so, how ever did you do it?

Thanks in advance.

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Mon January 11, 2021 05:43 AM

Hi David
You are better off adding questions such as these into the Discussion portion of the Community, this is a more lively section and more attuned to answering questions, whereas the Blogs are one way expressions of thoughts, with optional Comments.  Anyway.

The start of the documentation section contains the link with Commands that you missed in page 73-82.  It explains that these Commands can be typed into the C2PAMP member (or similar members) used in the PARMLIB dd statement of C2PACMON:

Customization of data collection and consolidation parameters

You can customize these parameters to control the time interval for data collection and consolidation.  Before specifying the Access Monitor parameters, you must create the parameter data set as described in Create the required Access Monitor data sets..

file for Access Monitor started task

The Access Monitor function requires a parameter
file for the started task. This parameter file is included using the PPARM JCL parameter in the Access Monitor started task procedure as described in Prepare the JCL.. The parameter file must always be present. If you do not want to change any of the default values for the parameters, specify a parameter file with at least one line, which can be a comment line. A sample parameter file, showing default values, can be found in member C2PAMP in the SCKRSAMP data set.  For more information about configuration parameters, see Configuration commands” on page 75