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IGI Assets on the Security Learning Academy

By David Edwards posted Tue May 21, 2019 01:01 AM


IGI Assets on Security Learning Academy (

After another successful MastSkills University in Orlando last week, with over forty students in the IGI track, I thought it worthwhile to highlight the assets on Security Learning Academy - most of them free!

To see all IGI assets, go to and select the “Explore Identity Governance and Intelligence” tile (or

Short Training Videos

There are many free short (5-20min) training videos, including:

Overviews and Updates:
  • Introduction to IBM Identity Governance and Intelligence
  • Identity Governance Business Drivers
  • IBM Identity Governance Implementation Overview
  • Using and configuring new features in IBM Identity Governance and Intelligence 5.2.3
  • What’s new in the IGI 5.2.4 Service Center and What’s new in IGI 5.2.4 User Interface
  • IGI Access Recertification and SoD Demonstrations
  • Configuring Password Synchronisation in IGI 5.2.4
  • The IGI Account Expiration Feature
  • Reporting in IGI
  • Certification Campaigns in Action
  • The IGI Rules Development Toolkit (aka Eclipse Plugin for IGI)
Adapters and Integration:
  • IBM Identity Security Adapters and Integration with Managed Resources - Identity Brokerage Adapters
  • IGI Integration with Secret Server and IGI Integration with CyberArk Privileged Account Security Solution 
  • Managing the exchange of data in IGI (using a CSV Enterprise Connector) and Loading data with the Bulk Load tools
Installation and Configuration:
  • Upgrading IGI Firmware from V5.2.2 to V5.2.3
  • Configuring IBM DB2 Server for IBM Identity Governance and Intelligence Virtual Appliance
  • Changing the Default DB User Password in IBM Identity Governance and Intelligence v5.2.3
  • IGI Virtual Appliance Installation and IGI Virtual Appliance Overview and Configuration
  • IGI Virtual Appliance Monitoring and Maintenance

These modules cover various releases of IGI, from 5.2.2 to 5.2.4. 

Training Modules with Hands-on Labs

There are some training modules with hands-on labs, including:

  • IGI overview
  • A day in the life of a line-of-business manager
  • IGI access risk control modeling overview
  • Configuring certification campaigns in IGI overview
  • IGI role lifecycle management overview

Note these are older (5.2.0). Whilst the UI has changed since then, the functionality is largely the same. When you enrol in the module, SLA will provision a live IGI instance for you to use with a lab guide.

Other Training on SLA

There is the paid-for IGI Foundations courses (indicated by the $ symbol) and an Open Badge you can get to show your expertise.

Open Mic Sessions

There are also a number of recorded Open Mic sessions from the Support L2 team, including:
  • Identity Governance Troubleshooting Open Mic
  • IGI Clustering and High Availability Open Mic
  • ISIGADI (ISIM-IGI synch) Tips and Troubleshooting Open Mic
  • Identity & Governance Meet the Experts Open Mic
  • An Introduction to the IGI 5.2.5 database schema Open Mic

These recent presentations cover a range of support issues. Note that all IBM Security Support Open Mics can be found on YouTube: There is a section for Identity and Access Management videos. There are some that aren’t on the Security Learning Academy, like IBM IGI and Access Manager Single Sign-On.

Please review the content and if you feel there are items that should be covered, either in courses or Support Open Mics, raise them in the forum.