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Introducing to the IBM Security Family!

By CYNTHIA LUU posted Tue May 11, 2021 08:19 AM


Security and privacy start with a basic premise: there is something sensitive that needs to be protected or kept away from some unnamed foe. Addressing data security and privacy is by no means an easy task – it requires a cultural shift as well as technology that complements and integrates.

So, as the leading enterprise cybersecurity organization in the world, it makes sense that IBM Security partners with the best tools in market to help us understand both what data is sensitive and where is it. To that end, we'd like to introduce our new resell partner,, and their Inventa advanced data discovery and classification platform!

As IBM Security modernizes its portfolio, we will need market-leading partners to help along the way.'s Inventa is one such product that excels in advanced data discovery and classification. The beauty of the tool is that it takes a network-based approach to find sensitive data by starting with data-in-motion to see where it moves in an organization. From there, it picks up the presumed location of sensitive data before scanning data repositories for a targeted approach. Finally, Inventa creates a PII inventory and does periodic scans as changes are made to the data, updating the inventory along the way. IBM Security's other tools will then monitor, encrypt, report, analyze and respond based on Inventa's detailed PII and sensitive data inventory.

Other vendors in the market require a user to already have an idea of what to scan – almost like spearfishing (which is incredibly hard for the record!) where you see the fish and you just have to spear it. In contrast, with deep-sea fishing, you don't have that visibility, but success comes from knowing how fish move across the ocean.

"We are excited to be partnering with IBM to bring our network-based sustainable data discovery and classification technology to market”, says Zak Rubinstein, CEO of “Data aware security is no longer a dream but is now a fact and a necessary requirement for enterprises to understand what they are doing with their customer data at any given time. We are exceptionally proud to be a part of IBM’s modernization drive, helping their customers address the emerging challenges of Privacy, Security and Governance."

Together, and IBM Security will bring enhanced, modernized solutions to the market and help customers with their toughest security and privacy challenges.

"IBM Security is very excited to bring on as a resell partner. Inventa is a leading, zero trust based discovery and classification tool that will enrich the entire IBM Security ecosystem. From security and privacy standpoints, enterprises are in need of knowing what data they have and where it sits in order to implement controls – monitoring, encryption, reporting, analysis and response", says Wes Gyure, Director of Product Management for Data, Identity, Fraud and Privacy at IBM Security. "We have a robust integration roadmap to infuse Guardium Insights and SOAR with Inventa data so our customers will be able to make better decisions in less time with little manual intervention. We're looking forward to working with the team to deliver results to our customers."

To learn more about this new collaboration, join us for an introductory webinar on May 25, 2021 at 11AM EST, where we'll talk in more detail about the partnership. Register here: