MaaS360: Now an Android Enterprise Recommended Solution for Corporate, BYOD and Dedicated Devices

By CIARAN DARCY posted Tue February 26, 2019 06:51 AM


Android Enterprise Recommended, a Google-led program, validates Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) product offerings that are built to an elevated set of solution standards. These use advanced Android Enterprise features which prioritize modern management methods to help business customers utilize the best of AndroidTM.

Android Enterprise Recommended EMMs stay cutting edge with the latest platform features and work closely with Google to offer regularly trained staff, verified resources and trusted guidance to ensure a consistent, successful deployment.

Android Enterprise Recommended simplifies the selection process so you can start your search with a shortlist of approved devices and services. Select from a curated list of verified devices and services that meet elevated enterprise requirements from partners trained and supported by Google.

What does this mean for me as a MaaS360 user?

For those who missed the announcement, there was a webcast outlining the details on Feb. 5. The recording is available here and can be viewed at your convenience.

Is there training available?

Yes, there is. The MaaS360 education team have put together a number of online courses available to cover anything that you may need to know about this upcoming partnership.

You will be able to find them on the Security Learning Academy. For this you will need to login with your IBM username and password and search for Android Enterprise. But we have the links here to help you get going straight away:

Android Enterprise: Enabling Knox Mobile Enrollment and device owner management

Learn how to use Samsung Knox Mobile Enrollment to automate the enrollment of your corporate-owned Samsung devices.

Android Enterprise: App management

Learn how to integrate and approve apps for Google Play for Work in the MaaS360 App Catalogue  and distribute them to Android Enterprise devices.

Configuring Android Enterprise deployment settings and enrollment requests

Learn how to ensure that your deployment setting and enrollment requests are configured so that corporate devices are enrolled in Android Enterprise.

Android Enterprise for device owners

Learn to set up Android Enterprise Device Owner mode in MaaS360. DO mode applies to the entire device whereas profile owner has separate work and personal profiles on one device.

Integrating Android Enterprise with G Suite

G Suite is Google’s administration console for managed services (Google drive etc). In this demo you learn to integrate Android Enterprise with this useful service.

Integrating Android Enterprise with Gmail

Learn how to enable AE with a single user Gmail account. This feature requires domain verification to follow along with the demo.

To learn even more, please watch the on-demand webinar, "IBM Joins Google in Announcing Android Enterprise Recommended Program for EMMs."