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Post-Pandemic Life: Working in a Hybrid World

By Chuck Brown posted Thu December 02, 2021 01:48 PM


Since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic in Q1-2020 organizations have been challenged in supporting their employees working away from the office.  As time progressed these companies had made changes to their protection, management, and remote assistance capabilities.

This shift was accomplished by using cloud-based SaaS management leveraging MDM APIs and integrated remote view/control functions that could access corporate owned/supplied devices or the end users privately owned devices.

The scenario was straight forward – most countries sent their people home and worked out the issues until the worst of the pandemic subsided.

Now, a more complex situation is beginning – hybrid.  Working x days, a week in the office and y days a week at home along with the probability that on 60 – 65% of workers will ever return to the office.

How do you handle this split personality?

The answer is simple:  Continue to use MaaS360 integrated with TeamViewer.

MaaS360 supports iOS, Android, Windows and macOS devices when it comes to Modern API management and historical management and has integrated the MaaS360 portal with TeamViewer. 

Teamviewer is a worldwide leader in remote visibility and control supporting iOS, Android, Windows and macOS along with Attended and Unattended (Kiosk) access as seen,  as shown in the Gartner Peer Insights

Teamviewer has been installed on approximately 2.5 Billion devices and has up to 45 million devices online at any time.

Both systems are not dependent upon the device being on the corporate network, therefore the company administration have visibility of the device and can assist the end user, from a web-based portal, whenever and wherever the end user’s devices has an IP address.  

The TeamViewer integration with IBM MaaS360 empowers IT administrators and

support teams with secure remote access and control for computers, mobile

devices, and other endpoints in order to:


  • Support employees with urgent technical issues
  • Perform important operations so corporate data is securely and properly accessed
  • Manage and maintain unattended machines, including Windows 10 computers and Android-based devices through the TeamViewer Host app



Key Benefits of remote Support via Teamviewer

Improve issue resolution time

Provide cross-platform remote support by initiating support session requests on demand, directly from IBM MaaS360 to fix employee computer and mobile device issues faster,

significantly reducing issue resolution time.

Ensure high availability of products and services

IT staff and operations managers can remotely access and control Android-powered kiosks, point of sale (POS) equipment, digital signage, and more to manage updates, maintenance, and emergency repairs, ensuring high availability and reliability of products and services.


Enhance employee onboarding and application training

Share screens with employees and remotely control their computer keyboard and mouse in real time, guiding them through proper device configuration, application onboarding, or training.


Key Customers Features


Attended and Unattended Remote Support

Manage, maintain, and fix all corporate devices remotely, including Windows 10 computers

and other unattended equipment like Android powered kiosks, digital signage, and point of sale (POS) systems. Configure permanent unattended access to remote corporate devices without requiring users to accept incoming support requests, enabling 24/7 remote maintenance and support to minimize device downtime.


Integrate remote support instantly, no training needed

With intuitive functionality, requiring zero training, the TeamViewer integration can be activated and used within minutes without developer support, coding, or VPN configuration.


Remote Screen Viewing for iOS

Support Apple iPhones and iPads with smooth remote screen viewing to see what employees see on their devices and use in-session chats to guide them through troubleshooting steps to fix issues, check and configure settings, or provide onboarding training for mobile applications.


To get a full appreciation of the integration, please review this video:


All this said, in a post pandemic world the challenges of how many people will be in the office and when it is still prudent to implement a cloud-based SaaS Management offering (MaaS360) integrated with TeamViewer.  You can try TeamViewer for 30 days, contact your MaaS360 representatives. 

If you are new to MaaS360 and do not have a representative, click here to contact an IBM representative or to start a MaaS360 trial or schedule a demo.