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Welcome to the IBM Cloud Pak for Security Community

By Carry Resor posted Thu November 21, 2019 03:28 PM


IBM Cloud Pak for Security provides a platform to help more quickly integrate your existing security tools to generate deeper insights into threats across hybrid, multicloud environments, using an infrastructure-independent common operating environment that runs anywhere. You can quickly search for threats, orchestrate actions and automate responses—all while leaving your data where it is.

We're excited to launch the IBM Cloud Pak for Security Community! This community group is meant to be a place for IBM Cloud Pak for Security experts and users to share best practices and keys to success with the platform and apps. We will also showcase new functionality, applications, partnerships and data connectors as they are delivered. 

Why IBM Cloud Pak for Security?

As organizations move their business to the cloud, security data is frequently spread across different tools, clouds and on-premise IT environments. This creates gaps that allow threats to be missed—that often are solved by undertaking costly complex integrations. IBM Cloud Pak for Security is intended to enable connected security with an open platform that gives security teams the ability to gain security insights, without moving their data; take action faster with unified workflows and automation; connect to an open ecosystem of IBM and third-party tools; and run anywhere across on-premise or cloud environments.

What are the benefits of Cloud Pak for Security?

  • Gain security insights without moving your data: Cloud Pak for Security connects security data using either out-of-the-box connectors to IBM and third-party tools or leveraging the open SDK to create a custom connector. It is built with IBM-developed open source technology that can search data within all connected sources the same time, without moving it, and translate and return standardized results in one place.
  • Respond faster to security incidents with automation: Cloud Pak for Security connects workflows in a unified interface for security teams to take action faster. Security orchestration and automation are core to the platform to speed up response and remediation time to security incidents.
  • Run anywhere, connect security openly: Cloud Pak for Security is pre-integrated with Red Hat Openshift so it can run anywhere – on-premise, in public clouds or private clouds. Furthermore, we’ve co-founded and contributed our open-source technology to the OASIS Open Cybersecurity Alliance to promote interoperability and reduce vendor lock-in across the security industry.

Navigating within this Community 

  • Home: View the latest materials for each section and links to important related resources, as well as the most recent posts from community members, notices about upcoming events, and other articles.
  • Discussion: Find or post questions or comments directed towards peers or IBM Cloud Pak for Security experts. We will facilitate discussion around use cases and general best practices, with a focus on supporting customer discussion.
  • Library: Download content such as webinar videos and presentations. For more in-depth product documentation, please access the IBM Knowledge Center.
  • Blogs: Read posts that discuss the latest features and other announcements. These articles will cover product and functionality available from IBM Cloud Pak for Security, as well as posts from community members that highlight real-world use cases and best practices.
  • Events: Access information on IBM Cloud Pak for Security-specific events.