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IBM & AWS Better Together Webinar Series: Endpoint Detection and Response

By Brianna Belicic posted Mon September 12, 2022 10:24 AM


IBM and AWS Better Together Webinar Series

The first of many AWS and IBM Security Better Together webinar series is launching on September 21st. Tune in at 1pm EST by registering today.  

IBM’s mission is to forge partnerships and bring together powerful combinations of people and technology. IBM Security supports and protects clients’ multi cloud environments. To deliver on this commitment to our clients IBM has formed a strategic alliance with AWS, as we work better together to secure our clients infrastructure both on premises and in the cloud. This webinar series is here to inform and highlight the different security best practices and solutions IBM and AWS are collaborating on together to better protect our clients' AWS Cloud environments. 

Endpoint Detection and Response 

In a world that demands increased connectivity, modern businesses are successfully growing their technological capabilities to facilitate remote work.  Expanding IT operations to enable remote capabilities will inevitably expand your attack surface.  The first webinar topic of the IBM and AWS Better Together series will dive into the evolving technology of EDR, and the importance of broadening your visibility across enterprises, whether in the cloud, on servers, or elsewhere. 

IBM Security ReaQta offers a unique, forward-thinking approach to endpoint security. It leverages exceptional levels of intelligent automation, using AI and ML, to detect and remediate highly sophisticated known and unknown threats in near real-time. With deep visibility across endpoints, it combines expected features, like MITRE ATT&CK mapping and attack visualizations, with high-powered AI and automation to propel endpoint security into a zero-trust world. 

In this webinar AWS will define their perspective of EDR and how to apply endpoint security most effectively and efficiently in an AWS cloud infrastructure environment. There will be an interactive demonstration outlining distinguished solution features IBM Security ReaQta provides compared to other EDR solution offerings in the marketplace. 

Why AWS Marketplace? 

AWS verifies details, reliability, authenticity, ethics, and security measures for all listings on their Marketplace. Through AWS user information, AWS controls the billing and payment options, giving AWS customers more flexible pricing options, and simplifies software licensing and procurement. Additionally, customers can initiate negotiations for private pricing offers through the AWS Marketplace, or simply deploy licenses purchased through IBM on AWS using the IBM Security software BYOL listings.  

IBM Security solutions are available for purchase today on the AWS Marketplace. 

What's in it for IBM and AWS Clients?  

The tremendous growth of enterprises utilizing AWS to aid their cloud journey is driving those same organizations to demand the solutions they want to use, be available for purchase, and managed, via AWS Marketplace. A study conducted by Forrester Consulting evaluated the benefits to customers leveraging AWS Marketplace and found ‘this new availability will now streamline the purchasing cycle up to 50% faster than in the past, and ensures buyers have confidence the technology will run on AWS without problems due to testing completed prior to publishing.’ As the digital terrain continues to expand, coordinating and executing tasks between various tools and people can now all be managed via IBM solutions on AWS infrastructure.   

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