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5 Reasons To Attend IBM TechXchange Security Super User Groups

By Bob Kalka posted Fri March 31, 2023 10:16 AM


Do you want to connect with other technical cyber professionals in the industry and learn from IBM Security’s top subject matter experts? Enhance your IBM Security knowledge and skills by attending an upcoming IBM Security Super User Group event!

IBM Security Super User Group events, held throughout the year, deliver deep insights and best practices through technical breakout sessions, hands-on demos, user roundtables and networking opportunities.

Here are five reasons why you should attend an upcoming IBM Security Super User Group:

1. Technical breakout sessions: Every event features breakout sessions that cover a variety of deeply technical topics related to cybersecurity. These sessions are led by subject matter experts who will share their knowledge and insights on the latest trends and IBM Security technologies in the industry.
2. Hands-on demos: Participate in hands-on demos that provide attendees with the opportunity to see our new technologies in action. These demos are led by product experts who will demonstrate the features and functionality of our latest cybersecurity tools.
3. User roundtables: Connect with other users who are facing similar challenges in their organizations. These roundtables provide a forum for participants to discuss best practices, share experiences, and learn from each other.
4. Networking opportunities: Meet and network with peers from different industries and backgrounds, share knowledge and experiences, and build valuable relationships.
5. Meet subject matter experts: Events provide attendees with access to subject matter experts who can answer their questions and provide guidance on specific cybersecurity challenges. These experts are available during breakout sessions, customer round tables, and networking events.

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Upcoming events listed here:
IBM Security IAM Super User Group - Warsaw, Poland | Apr 18, 2023
IBM Security Super User Group in Mexico City, MX | Apr 18, 2023

IBM Guardium Super User Group en Madrid |Apr 19, 2023
IBM Security Verify (IAM) Super User Day en Madrid | Apr 20, 2023
IBM Security Super User Group in Tempe, AZ  | May 3, 2023
IBM Security DACH Super User Group Threat Management Munich | May 4, 2023
IBM Security Super User Group in Toronto | May 16, 2023
IBM Super User Group  Montreal | May 17, 2023
IBM Security Super User Group in Washington DC | June 7, 2023





Thu May 04, 2023 02:03 PM

@Bob Kalka - Great news indeed! Nothing more exciting than getting our customers heard and allowing them to collaborate over these #SUG As a matter of fact, we are planning out Super User Group for UKI as we speak. So stay tuned and get excited :-) 

Thu May 04, 2023 09:18 AM

WOW.... and soon the User Group in Brazil !!!! I can't wait to be connected with our customers, partners and our experts! #SUG