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IBM QRadar SOAR Python Libraries v51.

By Bo Bleckel posted Mon May 20, 2024 02:52 PM


Our following Python Libraries have been updated to version

What’s New

Version of the IBM Security QRadar SOAR Python libraries introduces improvements to common resilient-sdk commands, official support for Python 3.12, important security updates, and more.

Python 3.12

This major update introduces official support for Python 3.12. With v51.0.1.0 we introduced a new Docker image to support easier containerized app development. This image is based on Red Hat's UBI images, for which there is no Python 3.12 image yet. This means that our primary development will continue in Python 3.11. However, major changes were introduced across the libraries to support Python 3.12 so that is now available for local development and for integration servers. There is a known issue with Python 3.12 in Windows. Please avoid using Python 3.12 for integration servers on Windows for now.

Change Log


  • Selftest improved to fail faster when connection details to SOAR are incorrect
  • stomp_prefetch_limit setting is now tied to num_workers setting by default. This means that the number of threads in a given app will be equal to the maximum number of messages consumed at one time from the message destination. This change has no effect on configurations that manually set stomp_prefetch_limit; those settings will continue to be honored.


  • Validate command has been improved to check for missing fields in activation conditions not included in the app
  • Docgen command has been improved to remove duplicate objects when running on export files

You can update your copies of each package using the pip install --upgrade command. For example:

pip install --upgrade "resilient-circuits>=" --upgrade "resilient-sdk>="

Checkout the Change Log and our docs at for more details.