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Release of v48.0 Python Libraries to PyPi

By Bo Bleckel posted Tue February 28, 2023 10:42 AM



Our following Python Libraries have been updated to version 48.0.4034:

Change Log

See for a detailed Change Log of each library.

What’s New


  • clone command has been fixed when cloning subplaybooks with multiple input fields.
  • The current version of the SDK is now added as a comment to all files generated or updated by the SDK.
  • Added new --poller flag to docgen command to support documentation for poller-based apps generated with the codegen command's --poller flag (introduced in v46), including automatically formatting the poller template file contents into the README file.
  • Updated validate command markdown report to include total issue counts.
  • The validate command now automatically checks the Python version of all scripts from SOAR included in your app. If any Playbook or Workflow scripts are written in Python 2, the validation will fail.
  • The default apikey_permissions.txt file generated by the codegen command has been updated to include latest available API permissions


  • App logs now include the name of the Thread from which the log line originated.
  • SOAR server version is now displayed in startup logs for resilient-circuits. Note: for CP4S this displays the underlying SOAR version, not the platform version.


  • Added support for a new verify config in app.config when using resilient_lib.RequestsCommon.execute().
    verify can be set to True, False, or <path_to_your_custom_CA_bundle> to control the value used when verifying SSL certificates. This change is backward compatible with any apps that use RequestsCommon.execute() so any apps updated to run on v48.0 will pull in these changes and the verify configuration will be supported for that app.
  • Updated resilient_lib.RequestsCommon to take advantage of persistent sessions from the ``requests`` library using ``requests.Session()``. This has multiple advantages, including cookies persisting from the endpoint and significant performance increases when connecting to the same host.
    If non-session objects are desired, switch your code to use the new class resilient_lib.RequestsCommonWithoutSession which behaves the same as the old resilient_lib.RequestsCommon would.


  • No major updates.

You can update your copies of each package using the pip install --upgrade command:

pip install --upgrade "resilient-sdk>=48.0"

All of the libraries (resilient, resilient-lib, resilient-circuits, resilient-sdk, and our pytest plugin pytest-resilient-circuits) have been updated to use a modern metadata setup using pyproject.toml and setup.cfg files. The build backend for each project continues to be setuptools. To build the project from source, we recommend using build (instead of the old way of directly invoking python

pip install build
cd <location of project to build>
python -m build

There are no changes for installing the packages. Simply using pip.

Checkout our Change Log and our docs at for more.