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Release of v47.0 Python Libraries to PyPi

By Bo Bleckel posted Thu November 17, 2022 02:56 PM

Our following Python Libraries have been updated to version 47.0.3691:

Change Log

See for a detailed Change Log of each library.

What’s New


  • The extract command now supports sub-playbooks.
  • The codegen command can now generate a template for a poller-based app. Use the --poller flag when creating a new app with codegen and poller components will be created in the /poller and /lib directories of the app. See Common Poller Methods for a basic example on how to create a poller app.


  • The default value for the number of workers in circuits has been updated to 50 for integration servers and 25 for App Host. The value can be set using the num_workers configuration value.


  • In combination with the new --poller option in resilient-sdk codegen, Common Poller Methods have been added to resilient-lib.


  • Support for protected secrets has been added when running on Edge Gateway (formerly App Host) v1.11.1 or greater.
  • Retry logic has been added for all common REST methods for calls to SOAR. The following configuration values have been added or updated:
    max_connection_retries -- Number of attempts to retry when connecting to SOAR. Use -1 for unlimited retries. Defaults to -1.
    request_max_retries -- Max number of times to retry a request to SOAR before exiting. Defaults to 5.
    request_retry_delay -- Number of seconds to wait between retries. Defaults to 2.
    request_retry_backoff -- Multiplier applied to delay between retry attempts. Defaults to 2.​

Checkout our Change Log and our docs at for more.