Welcome to the i2 Community!

By Barbara Saltzman posted Fri September 28, 2018 04:01 PM


We have recently launched the IBM i2 Community – a forum for i2 community members across Law Enforcement, National Security & Defense, Cyber Threat Hunting, Fraud Investigations and more – to discuss and contribute best practices and use case examples, as well as share other helpful information about the IBM i2 portfolio. 

Navigating within the Community

  • The Home tab offers the latest materials for each section and contains links to important related resources including the latest posts from community members.
  • The Discussion tab hosts questions or comments directed towards your peers, other community members. Topics could include product capability and usage, industry use cases and best practices.
  • The Library is home to downloadable content such as webinars, videos, presentations and other material. For in-depth product documentation, please access the Knowledge Center:
  • The Blogs tab contains posts that discuss the latest features and other announcements. These articles will cover product and functionality available from IBM i2, as well as posts from community members that highlight real-world use cases and best practices.
  • The Events tab may contain information on IBM i2-specific events such as industry events where you can meet the IBM i2 team.

To join the IBM i2 Community today, click on the “Join” button in the top right corner of the page. Access using an IBMid or create one here.

Collaborate. Communicate. Contribute.