IBM Security Verify

Announcing the new Documentation Hub for IBM Security Verify

By Adam Case posted Wed February 03, 2021 11:37 AM

Introducing the new Verify documentation hub for admins and developers for use cases, concepts, and guides for common use cases.
Today the IBM Security Verify team launches a new central hub for use cases, concepts, scenarios, API usage, and developer guides. Our teams have worked tirelessly to build out this new platform for your ease of consumption. This is the new starting point for accessing Verify resources. 

Your central hub for all things Verify

Combining multiple sources into one single platform helps you consume all that Verify has to offer with simplicity. Understand common use cases that Verify supports. Read up on concepts that admins need to understand in Verify. Work through scenarios and configuration guides of common setup patterns that our customers go through. Developing an application? Start here to get access to the Verify REST API, SDK walkthroughs, and sample code. The Knowledge Center for Verify isn't going away, but the Verify documentation hub provides users a higher level starting point with a more intuitive documentation hierarchy. You can still find relevant Knowledge Center articles linked from within the hub.

Access the documentation hub


Easy search
Search across the Verify documentation hub (press Ctrl [or Cmd] + K at anytime) and get results from all the articles, guides, and API docs from a single set of results. 

Documentation structure

We've laid out Verify's new documentation hub as a funnel from high level use cases to very deep technical developer guides. Depending your skill level or interest, you'll find something of use within this platform. 

Use cases: A set of documents that explain the various scenarios that Verify can accomplish.

Concepts: A set of articles with common security concepts (like SSO, MFA, SAML2.0, OpenID, and more)

Config guides: Step by step guides on configuring Verify to meet your needs based on common scenarios customers encounter. 
Developer guides: Lab guides on performing specific developer related activities like using Verify SDKs, consuming APIs, etc

API reference: A complete set of APIs for public consumption categorized for ease of use with code snippets for easy injection into existing applications.

Community editing

If you catch something off about any document (could even be API endpoint documentation), you can click "Suggest edits", make adjustments as you see fit and submit for review by our documentation team. In fact, we encourage you to do so. You will need an IBMid to make edits though, but you can sign up once you click the button. 

Not seeing what you'd expect?
Want a specific article, concept or configuration guide written? Drop us an idea and we'll prioritize it into our queue. We are working on a way for the community to write their own documents, keep on the lookout for an update as we improve this process for you.