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MaaS360 Windows App-Catalog | Windows Apps Distribution from Local Network File Share

By Abhishek Rajashekhar posted Fri January 13, 2023 09:52 PM


Windows Apps Distribution from Local Network File Share

“Sharing is caring”, yes you heard that right, IBM MaaS360 for Windows 10+ OS provides a feature to distribute and install Apps from a local file share network!

This blog post contains everything you want to know about IBM MaaS360 Windows capability to distribute and install locally shared Apps.


The option to distribute Windows enterprise apps was that the admin had to upload apps to the MaaS360 portal from local drive OR through directly downloadable app URL, these uploaded apps get stored in IBM MaaS360 CDN. When these apps are scheduled to install on the enrolled Windows end-point, the apps get downloaded from the CDN and get installed on the end-point(s).


Now, there is a feature to distribute password protected shared apps located on a local network. This feature adds convenience to administrators by allowing to share apps from their local repository by just sharing that folder in the company’s private network.


Please Note:

  • The following Windows App Types are supported for app distribution via local share
    1. Windows Installers – MSI
    2. Windows Executables – EXE
    3. Batch Script – bat, reg, ps1, vbs,...
    4. Windows Downloadable Files – Any file types


  • During the Installation of the application the shared file location must be accessible by the device, there may be certain prerequisites while accessing to access the shared file location – one such example is that the shared file might be accessible only when the device is connected to VPN OR device is in office premises. So, before distributing the password protected shared app, please make sure that the enrolled Windows endpoint(s) is connected to company’s private network.


On the Windows server OR Windows endpoint which are always connected to the company’s private network, store all the relevant Windows packages required to be distributed through IBM MaaS360 App-Catalog under a folder


Share the folder by providing access for the password protected user

By default, the read permission gets assigned for the shared user

To distribute a locally shared app, the below mentioned steps need to be followed:

    1. Login to MaaS360 portal, navigate to apps section
    2. Add enterprise app for windows
      1. In the app details tab, set the App Upload section to – Local File share Location
      2. In the App Section of the app details tab provide the Microsoft Windows UNC path of the locally shared folder where the respective app is stored.
      3. For example: \\Someserver\somepath\test.exe or \\IPaddress\c$\somefolder\test.exe
      4. Enter the Local File Share credentials – username and password.
      5. Fill the remaining sections as per your requirements

    On the enrolled Windows endpoint, open MaaS360 app > App Catalog > see if it’s auto installed (based on the Automatically Install checkbox enabled) OR end-user needs to click on Get button from the distributed app details page to manually initiate app installation.

    Voila!  You have successfully configured your first network share application.
    For any queries, please feel free to reach out to IBM MaaS360 support team.