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Simplifying Vendor Relationships with IBM Security & Cisco

By Aarti Borkar posted Wed February 05, 2020 08:08 AM


Complexity is one of the most common concerns across our customers worldwide. Security teams tend to acquire new tools to address new problems. Many of those tools sit in silos and aren’t well integrated into an overall security operations strategy thus making it difficult to deliver a comprehensive security posture.

Vendor collaboration is no longer a nice to have but a necessity to address this level of complexity. It’s a big reason why we’ve established a strategic alliance with Cisco Security – one which sets a vision for our industry via a more integrated and collaborative approach to cybersecurity for our joint customers. The partnership builds on each organization's strengths and complementary offerings, providing integrated solutions, managed services, and shared threat intelligence. These solutions breakdown traditional product silos, enabling more effective threat detection and response while reducing vendor complexity.

 “IBM Security and Cisco are following through on their “power of two” announcement of two years ago. They are serious about their strategic alliance in cyber security. A 3.0 version of their partnership really does seem to be taking shape. It would appear they really do mean business.

- HardenStance Analyst Briefing

What We’re Hearing From Joint Customers

We’ve heard some common security concerns across our joint clients and both IBM and Cisco are in the best position as trusted advisors to address those needs.

  • Reduce product and vendor complexity with two trusted advisors
  • Maximize the value of existing investments
  • Accelerate threat detection and response for sec ops teams
  • Realize security outcomes with joint solutions across multiple threat vectors

What We’re Delivering

  1. Integrated Products – Over a dozen product integrations on the IBM Security App Exchange including multiple QRadar apps, Resilient and MaaS360 to enable customers to leverage their existing product investments and simplify workflows.
  2. Security Services – Managed services for a number of Cisco technologies including XGS migration to Cisco Firepower NGFW and Endpoint Managed Services for Cisco Advanced Malware Protection for Endpoints (AMP4E).
  3. Threat Intelligence –The two leading threat intel teams, Cisco Talos and IBM Security X-Force share data and come together to create the most comprehensive research.

*Note: Statements regarding product plans are subject to change or withdrawal without notice

Security Outcomes

We have developed a number of product integrations with Cisco to address threat vectors across users, network, endpoint and cloud while simplifying vendor relationships.


Insider Threat – Detect Suspicious Activity and Quarantine Bad Actors From QRadar

QRadar associates the activity to the user credentials and also takes action against those users through rapid threat containment functionality in Cisco ISE, quarantining the user and locking down network access.

Cisco ISE App for QRadar

Ransomware – Automation Between Resilient and Cisco Speeds Up Response Time

Suspicious malware sample is sent directly to Cisco Threat Grid which then detonates the file and pulls all relevant artifacts back into Resilient. Further threat analysis such as suspicious domain containment findings within Cisco Umbrella Investigate and Enforcement can also be pulled into the incident report.

Cisco Threat Grid and Umbrella with IBM Resilient


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These are just some highlights of how we are collaborating to address customer challenges while reducing vendor complexity. Our strategic alliance teams are deeply engaged across respective functions and continue to expand our joint solutions based on your feedback.