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IBM Champions on tech trends and disruptions

From data to mainframe, from modernization to the unpredictability of everything, the IBM Champions have some predictions about what to hope for and watch for in 2021.​​

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EXPLORE Episode 5 - New Year, New Predictions - Available On Demand

Happy New Year friends! We're kicking off 2021 with another episode of EXPLORE - the community livestream hosted by me, Lisa, alongside our beloved community leader @NICKOLUS PLOWDEN , and brought to you by IBM Business Analytics. Our last episode in December, we spoke with @DAVID Marmer...

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What makes you an IBM Champion?

IBM Champions are innovative thought leaders in the technical community. They contribute regularly to the body of knowledge around IBM products and the technical community. Needless to mention, it is very prestigious to be in the elite club of IBM Champions. IBM Champion Watermark ...

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Bitcoin anyone? – quick guide to the best platform for digital assets

Mainframe for Bitcoins? – quick guide to the best platform for digital assets Yongkook(Alex Kim), IBM Z/Blockchain Champion IBM Hyper Protect Digital Asset Platform When bitcoin was first introduced, crypto-currency and blockchain technology were thought to be somewhat...

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15 Edge Devices, 0 Humans: Meet IBM's Mayflower Autonomous Ship

With no human captain or onboard crew, IBM has launched the Mayflower Autonomous Ship The.Mayflower Autonomous Ship uses the power of Edge computing, AI, and automation to traverse the ocean in its quest for data and discovery. The ship’s AI Captain performs a similar role to a human captain....

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Designing IBM Z to Meet Client Needs

IBM Champion Phil Allison speaks with Tyler King, Theresa Hans, and IBM Systems Magazine about the strength of Z, even during a pandemic. #ibmchampions-featured-library-home #ibmchampions-featured-event-home #ibmchampions-featured-library

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Self-paced PRGLE workshop

IBM Champion Liam Allen shares a free #ibmi / RPGLE workshop to help you learn how to make an SDK to work with web APIs in a 1+ hour, self-paced, video course. #ibmchampions-featured-library-home #ibmchampions-featured-library #IBMi