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Designing IBM Z to Meet Client Needs

IBM Champion Phil Allison speaks with Tyler King, Theresa Hans, and IBM Systems Magazine about the strength of Z, even during a pandemic. #ibmchampions-featured-library-home #ibmchampions-featured-event-home #ibmchampions-featured-library

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Self-paced PRGLE workshop

IBM Champion Liam Allen shares a free #ibmi / RPGLE workshop to help you learn how to make an SDK to work with web APIs in a 1+ hour, self-paced, video course. #ibmchampions-featured-library-home #ibmchampions-featured-library #IBMi

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Have you met the newest IBM Champions for Z?

IBM Systems Magazine featured the IBM Champions for Z in an article recently - get to know them! #ibmchampions-featured-library-home #ibmchampions-featured-library #ibmchampions-championsinaction #IBMChampion #IBMZ

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Nick Kammerman @ Blockchain Summit

Check out the replay from Nick Kammerman's appearance on the business partner panel on supply chain needs at the Blockchain Summit from July. #ibmchampions-featured-library-home #ibmchampions-featured-library

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Moraq's MQ Quirks

IBM Champion Morag Hughson regularly posts answers in forums, blog posts to help folks better understand IBM MQ, and these Quirk posts that make readers go, "Hm! I didn't know that...". Check this recent one on Open Options and Authorisations . #ibmchampions-featured-library-home ...

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Make Enterprise Search Understandable with Cognitive Capabilities

Let Watson Discovery explore, convert, enrich and normalize data in your documents. An AI powered solution with the capabilities of Natural Language and Document’s Understanding. IBM Watson Discovery is an award-winning in 2020, an AI powered leading search technology that uses...

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Take a Journey from Data to AI

Catch IBM Champion Jean-Georges Perrin's Data Friday series. In special episode, Jean-Georges talks about the journey from Data to AI.​​ Other episodes talk about Apache Spark (and his book!), metadata, UI, schemas, and more. #ibmchampions-featured-library-home #ibmchampions-featured-library...

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Read the new Security case study featuring IBM Champion Vinita Bhushan and Pontis Research

Vinita Bhushan is an expert in Information Security, specializing in Identity & Access Management, Federation and Security Governance and Controls. Read how Vinita and Pontis Research helped an asset management firm increase business agility with cloud-based identity management in this new ...

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Webinar: Identity & Access Management

Check out the replay of this webinar on Decentralized Identity and Identity Access Management with Sridhar Muppidi of IBM Security, IBM Champion Vinita Bhushan from Pontis Research, and Business Partners Pathmaker Group and SecurIT. #ibmchampions-featured-library #ibmchampions-featured...