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What's New - Reserved Instance v10 automation with the apic cli

Currently the v10 Reserved Instance of API Connect doesn’t yet have a built in option for headless use of the CLI toolkit. The following details how to use an IBM Cloud IAM bearer token with the API Connect CLI and REST API in a headless environment such as a CI/CD pipeline. For interactive...

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AIOps with Rama Akkiraju

Jerry is joined by IBM Fellow and one of Forbes’ “Top 20 Women in AI Research” Rama Akkiraju. They discuss AI for IT Operations (AIOps) and the incredible automation potential it has in the very near future. Rama introduces the idea of a “digital teammate” and explains how it all comes together...

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AIOps: A Path to Reliability at Cloud Scale

How to address service reliability pain points, accelerate incident resolution and enhance service reliability with AIOps. #Highlights-home #Highlights #AI #DevOps #managment #automation #AIOps #Highlights #Highlights-home

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How AI-powered automation is giving people superhuman abilities

By lifting the burden of low-value tasks and offering people unprecedented powers to do high-value work, modern automation can make time for brilliance #Highlights-home #Highlights #ai #ArtificialIntelligence(AI) #automation #BusinessMethodology #Highlights #Highlights-home

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DevOps Automation

Automation should simplify how software is developed, delivered and managed. The result should be faster delivery of reliable software and reduced risk to the business. Before the 2020 pandemic there was a desire for automation by most delivery teams, but often little ambition by the business...

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Using UCD with Jenkins Pipeline

The attaches notes provide an extended example of using Jenkins Pipeline-as-Code capabilities with UCD. Pipeline Steps include: - versioning built artifacts into CodeStation and adding traceability back to the source and build objects - deploying both UCD versions and snapshot -...

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15 Edge Devices, 0 Humans: Meet IBM's Mayflower Autonomous Ship

With no human captain or onboard crew, IBM has launched the Mayflower Autonomous Ship The.Mayflower Autonomous Ship uses the power of Edge computing, AI, and automation to traverse the ocean in its quest for data and discovery. The ship’s AI Captain performs a similar role to a human captain....

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Integrated Snapshot (Backup) Scheduler for IBM FlashSystem A9000/R and XIV

Are you familiar with the moment when you suddenly understand that something you changed helped a lot of people? Did you ever produce something that you know has been a missing piece for years, and that its addition will change and help hundreds of people? Well, we did. A request from...

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