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Making Data Simple: Kansas City Keynote

"Host Al Martin, IBM VP of Hybrid Data Management & Client Success, and Sam Lightstone, CTO for Data, IBM Fellow & Master Inventor, present their Kansas City Techweek keynote. They go over what it means to make data ready for AI, become data-driven and acquire growth. They deliver key...

[Season 3 - Episode 2] Making Data Simple- Kansas City Keynotesoundbite.mp4

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Cognos Analytics Version Support Survey

As a valued user of Cognos Software, the IBM Customer Success team is seeking your feedback to validate the support and product life-cycle strategies for our solutions. Please take a few moments to complete a short survey regarding your support community experiences and Cognos Analytics...

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What's New in Analytics with API Connect v2018.1.0

API Connect v2018.1.0 offers a remastered top of the line Analytics tool. New features can be categorized three-fold: 1.) improvements to performance and scalability utilizing micro-service architecture Analytics is now separated from the API Manager and deployable anywhere, 2.) greater...

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IBM Spectrum Protect Plus unlocks your data for real business value and by the way it’s easy to use!

UPDATE: The recent new announcements of IBM Spectrum Protect V8.1.5 and IBM Spectrum Protect Plus V10.1.1 provide you with more secure capabilities for your secondary data, GDPR preparation awareness, and even more ways to protect and access your data. For more information, see Modern data...

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Getting started and encrypting files in #Planning Analytics using PGP Encryption

Do you or your organization require access to a financial and performance management software? Do you need privacy for your digital information? Encryption is the most effective way to achieve security for your information, and you can now easily set up and access PGP encryption for IBM®...

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