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The Amazing Ways Instagram Uses Big Data And Artificial Intelligence

Instagram is a social networking website for distributing content such as videos and photos that was started in 2010. Now, it already has millions of active users. What’s more, it is now controlled by Facebook. Every day, around 60 million photos are uploaded on the website. People,...

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Access Replays of the Data and AI Virtual Forum: Partner Days

Our first Data and AI Virtual Forum: Partner Day drew participation from hundreds of Business Partners. Watch the replays to learn how to infuse your data with trust on your Journey to AI. Each session runs 20 minutes or less and includes conversations with key Business Partners & ISV...

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Customer service and AI Masterclass

This is a series of videos that help you understand the value of bringing an AI solution to bear in addressing your customer service challenges. Not very technical, this is a high level look at why and how you apply AI against customer service challenges. #ai #customer-service #Featured...

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IBM DataStage: Use cases

AI-powered data integration for all your multicloud and hybrid cloud environments. Explore use cases including banking and financial services, healthcare, retail & consumer products, and energy & utilities. #Highlights-home #Highlights #Spotlight #DataStage #ai ...