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Lessons from the field #8: Liberty in containers part 1: Java performance

As you begin to containerize Liberty applications, it's important to keep in mind how running in a container environment can affect performance. Performance tuning a Liberty container begins with tuning the JVM. The standard mechanisms that java uses to understand system resources such as memory...

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Customize cipher suites on Traditional WebSphere and Liberty profile

Customizing cipher suites on the Traditional WebSphere and Liberty profile Cipher suites are an important part of TLS/SSL connections. The provide the connections key exchange algorithm, bulk encryption algorithm, and message authentication algorithms. There are lots of ciphers...

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Introducing the WebSphere Performance Engineering Team blog series

This post is the first in a new blog series being launched by the WebSphere Performance Engineering Team with the goal to share information on a variety of performance related topics with the broader community. Performance can sometimes be considered an afterthought by development teams...

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Lessons from the field #6: IBM Java and OpenJ9 Just-In-Time Compiler Tuning

One of the key values of Java is the Just-In-Time (JIT) compiler . This converts the hottest Java methods from interpreted code into native code at runtime. The performance difference is massive: typically, 10-20 times faster (i.e. a magnitude). The JIT is enabled by default, and, in general,...

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What is the WebSphere Application Migration Toolkit?

You have hopefully seen our series of blogs about the Migration Toolkit for Application Binaries (binary scanner) but did you know we also have another tool to help you with your application migrations? The WebSphere Application Migration Toolkit (source scanner) analyzes your application...

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Virtual WebSphere User Group Roadshows are coming in July & August 2021 - Register today!

We are excited to bring back our WebSphere User Group Roadshows (WUGs) this July and August 2021. These events will be held virtually across various time zones so you can pick the one that works for you. Each event will have 2 parts with a 30 minute break in between sessions. The event...

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Getting Down to the Details of Application Migration

So, you’re ready to migrate your application to a new environment, be it Liberty, a newer Java SE version, or a newer version of WebSphere traditional ? However, you aren’t sure what changes you might need to make to your application for it to run. That’s where the analysis report of the ...

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Japan WebSphere User Group (日本WebSphereユーザーグループ)

Japan WebSphere User Group(JWUG)とは、IBM WebSphere Application Serverに関して、技術者視点でその機能や利用方法に関して「日本語で語る」ために開設したユーザー・グループです。