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Who are the IBM Champions?

Now that we have announced our 2021 IBM Champions , we hope to introduce you to a few of them each week. Many new IBM Champions submitted bios when they nominated themselves. We'll be sharing a few of those here as well as some highlights of the larger group. Where are the IBM Champions? In...

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THINK 2019 - Become a Think expert!

We're bringing Think 2019 to San Francisco next year, and we couldn't be more excited! I know you're interested in hearing all the big announcements as soon as possible, so I have some good news. You can sign up now for Think updates and be the first to know : Important dates,...

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Analyze detailed data by using drill throughs in IBM Planning Analytics for Microsoft Excel

Drilling through on a cell provides detailed data on the cell, and shows you information from the data source. You can drill through on cells in Exploration Views, Custom Reports, Quick Reports, and Dynamic Reports. In this post, we'll go through how to can perform a drill through in IBM...

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#Cognos Analytics 11.0.9 supports Planning Analytics’ Subsets

Subsets defined in a TM1 database of Planning Analytics are now exposed in Cognos Analytics software. While authoring a dashboard or a report, you will find the subsets in the hierarchy for which they were defined by the TM1 database administrator. In the following screen capture from the 11.0...

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