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Community Call 2.0

Hallo liebe Kunden, wir planen gerade den nächsten Community Call und freuen uns wieder eine gemütliche Stunde in netter Runde virtuell zu verbringen, die Agenda folgt alsbald! Viele Grüße, Tobias #Mainframe-Marilyn #mainframe

 Mon October 11, 2021 | 04:30 PM - 06:00 PM CET

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Plenty of Room in Z Security for "New-Collar" Developers…and for You Gamers, Plenty of Weapons

By Marilyn Thornton I’m going to be right up front with you, dear readers. This is a recruiting blog. It’s likely that if you are reading this in the IBM Security Community space, you already have a role in an IT security discipline, but there are young men and women out there who may not have...

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Four Seconds from Flight to Fight: How Mainframe-Security Tools and Training Can Save Your Bacon

Though I’ve known Mark Nelson for over two decades, I was really looking forward to this interview. Mark has one of those ageless faces; he could be 30 or 60, you wouldn’t know because he always looks 25. He’s a renaissance man, husband, father, choir director, writer of a RACF reference book,...

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