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Getting more from your migration data

In recent migration blogs from this community, you have learned what the Migration Toolkit for Application Binaries ' (binary scanner) analysis report , inventory report , and evaluation report can teach you about your applications. We peel the layers of your applications to reveal exactly...

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Where Can I Take My Technologies?

You’ve been with your application server for a while. Things are getting stalled. It's gotten old and just doesn’t perform the way it used. No one supports it anymore. Now you want more. You've started playing around with the idea of being able to take advantage of new technologies or get your...

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What Exactly is in your Inherited Java Application?

You're starting to settle in at your job, things are going well and you feel the hard parts of learning development on your application(s) have been learned. You continue going about your days being agile and drinking way too much coffee then.. . BAM out of nowhere you inherit a new...

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