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How Automation is Helping eCommerce Businesses Fight Rising Fraud

During the COVID-19 pandemic, eCommerce retailers all over the world saw a tremendous spike in business . And although most observers expected things to more or less level off as the pandemic waned, there's little sign of that happening yet. Instead, eCommerce sales have continued to grow...

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Not Just a Tool, IBM SPSS Turns Data into Insight to Detect Fraud

Finding fraudulent activity amidst legitimate business transactions is like finding a needle in a haystack- you have to comb through millions of data points to find the few that are harming your business. These few needles could potentially be costing you millions. Most solutions can only sift...

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Join the CrowdChat: Experts discuss fraud analytics on July 7

Fraud can target organizations in many ways, and the costs of fraudulent transactions to businesses can be substantial. The key is to detect fraud early and stop it. It is impractical to examine a high volume of transactions manually - and that is where a predictive-analytics based fraud...

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