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IBM Sterling OMS Performance Insights - Part 1

Co-authored by Nirmal Ramesan Your IBM Sterling Order Management System has a number of components, each with its own performance characteristics. To optimize performance, you need to consider various parameters (e.g., application level, infrastructure level, database level, etc.)...

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Denis Kennelly's Podcast Series: Hot Topics in the Storage Industry

Recently I was invited to sit down with Dana Gardner, Principal Analyst at Interarbor Solutions to discuss hot topics in the data storage industry. I welcome you to check out the three segments that have been released over the past couple of weeks as part of his BriefingsDirect data strategies...

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AI for Social Media: What You Need to Know

Social media has shifted away from being just a program where people share data and chat with friends and family. Smart businesses have taken advantage of the platform’s huge potential and are using social media for ecommerce, client service, marketing, public relations, and more. What...

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Insights on today's most pressing development challenges featuring Forrester

Insights on today's most pressing development challenges featuring Forrester Join IBM and Forrester Principle Analyst in a conversation about the most pressing development challenges and listen to insights from interviews with product and development decision-makers across 150 companies....

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Just Visiting? The First 100 New Members Get a Free Gift: U.S. residents who join the community and post receive a free IBM Automation journal.

Write your daily thoughts or capture the notes at your next lecture in this perfectly-sized cloth-bound writing journal with attached fabric bookmark. Don’t wait, though, because we have a limited supply and when they’re gone, the promotion is over. To get yours, follow three simple steps:...

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Take the Data Council 2021 OSS Data Tools Community Survey!

Our friends over at Data Council just launched their 2021 OSS Data Tools Community Survey: What open-source data projects are you most excited about? Takes 20 seconds to complete , please participate when you get a chance (no later than February 26). We’ll share the results as soon as they...

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Artificial Intelligence: As I See It

Suppose you are tossing a coin, biased or unbiased, unknown to you. Before each toss you are calling Head or Tale and matching the outcome of the toss. You are going on recording the results in a chart shown below and after say fifty tosses you measure your prediction performance calculating...

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Chat with SPSS Support: Tips and Examples for using the IBM SPSS Chatbot

The IBM SPSS Support chatbot provides a way to receive immediate answers to your SPSS questions. This article provides examples and tips on how to successfully use the IBM SPSS Support Chatbot. Where do I find the chatbot? To use the chatbot, click “ Chat with Support ” ...

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Db2 Administration Tool: moving tables to universal table spaces (FL508)

Db2 Administration Tool: moving tables from deprecated multi-table simple or segmented table spaces to universal table spaces (FL508) by Kate Wheat With APAR PH31554 IBM Db2 Administration Tool has added support for moving tables from the deprecated multi-table tablespaces into the strategic...