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NEW! IBM Cloud Podcast - Latest Cloud topics from IBM Experts

*Shameless Plug Alert* I am the new host of the IBM Cloud Podcast, a regular series where I sit down with IBM experts on all things Cloud to help you Cloud better. I would love to have you subscribe and listen, as well as give your feedback. Got an idea for a future episode? Post it here. ...

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AI Skills Gateway

Follow the link to your fast track to artificial intelligence knowledge #Featured-area-3 #Featured-area-3-home #Explore-BA-home

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Do you want to improve your productivity managing your project requirements?

Looking to learn more about new features and functions of DOORS? Then register now for the upcoming seminar on DOORS on July 28, 2020. #feature area 3 #Featured-area-3-home #Featured-area-3 #Featured-area-3-home

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How to drive better research outcomes with Power Analysis webinar recording & slides

Watch the On-Demand Webinar Today The slides are available to download below and please share any of your questions here . #Hands-on-feature #Featured-area-3-home

Power Analysis NEW SLIDES.pdf

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Executive Corner: How IBM Storage is Helping Customers Recover from Cybercrime

by Sam Werner, VP, Storage Product Management, IBM Systems As you know, recent events have highlighted a shocking rise in cybercrime. The Colonial Pipeline, Irish Healthcare system, and JBS incidents among others are the latest episodes of a problem that continues to worsen for enterprises...

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Announcing The Winners Of The IBM Build-A-Bot Challenge – July 28 at 1 PM ET

The very first IBM Build-A-Bot Challenge is closed for submissions and the judges are reviewing each RPA Solution and making their selections. At stake are two $10,000 prizes, one for Best IBM RPA Solution to Improve My Workplace and one for Best IBM RPA Solution to Address a Social Challenge....

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Edition 3: AI infusion opportunities for IBM Sterling Order Management suite of applications with real-world use cases

With advanced technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) widely adopted by businesses, there is a large push towards building solutions with modern tools and technical frameworks.. However, most of the time, technical advancements are perceived as growth in the...

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KMAPについて、よくあるご質問と回答を掲載しています。 KMAP よくあるご質問 KMAPとは何ですか。 KMAP (Knowledge Mall Activity Platform) は、IBM Community Japanでの「ツクル」場を中心としたナレッジモール活動において、 知恵・経験・知見を持ち寄り、ともに「ツクル」を実現するためのインターラクティブな環境を提供するプラットフォームです。 KMAP の詳細については こちら をご覧ください。 また、KMAPで公開されている メンバー限定コンテンツ...

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How To Submit Your Build-A-Bot Solution - The Deadline is July 15

The deadline is approaching for the close of the first IBM Build-A-Bot Challenge with two prizes of $10,000 each for grabs. You can submit your IBM Robotic Process Automation Solution up until 11:59 PM on July 15 (OK, we’ll give you til midnight). Submitting your solution is easy. After you...