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HOW TO - Configure your Gateway in a different cloud to work with your API Manager - Tips for RI

Following up from my previous article these are the considerations you need to make when working with the Reserved Instance. Previous Article **Thanks to Rick Moorhouse for his support with this** 1. Getting the CA to load into datapower. This is used with step 1 `curl -o - http://apps...

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HOW TO - Configure your Gateway in a different cloud to work with your API Manager.

IBM API Connect was the first API Management solution to support multi cloud deployments. This is where you can deploy each component of a the API Cloud into different clouds as required. This article will go through the steps to configure a DataPower in Kubernetes (or Openshift) that can be...

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Gateway Extension: expose APIs on several IPs

Your API addresses If you need to set several DNS for you APIs on API Connect, then that's your post. Here we'll discuss the use of the IP, the Gateway Extensions and an example to expose an API in to several IPs/DNS Let's say that we are working for SuperAirLines, an imaginary...

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Best practices for Datapower Gateway in Containers

This article focus on some of the best practices while running Datapower (DP) Gateway in cloud native world (containers) vs. in traditional deployments. Assumptions The content of this article are in context of Cloud Pak for Integration 2020.2.1 or later environment where IBM Datapower...

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DataPower Security Capabilities

IBM DataPower gateway is the industry-leading Security & Integration gateway that helps provide Security, Control, Integration, and Optimized access to a full range of API, Mobile, Web, SOA, B2B, and Cloud workloads. In this blog, let’s take a deep dive into the Security...

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How API Connect can be used to secure your APIs

Introduction One of the key drivers for using IBM API Connect is its ability to provide enterprise grade security for the API providers. IBM API Connect (APIC) provides multiple features which can be used for easily securing APIs. These features can also be used in combination to implement a...

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Meet Business SLA with Enhanced timeouts

Many businesses have strict SLAs with vendors or third-party companies. For example, one of our customers need to stay within milliseconds to support Apple Pay. When SLA are not met, it can have serious financial consequences, so its critical that your API solution provides extensibility to meet...

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API Connect and DataPower Version 2018.4.1.9 is here!

The latest release of API Connect and Datapower is here! This release comes with the following new features and addresses 48 APARs. You can locate the latest release notes here: IBM API Connect & IBM DataPower Gateway Release Highlights: Sending Email with Hostname We know...

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What's New in DataPower API Gateway Policies (w/ Demos!)

The IBM API Connect and DataPower Gateway team is happy to announce three additional policies that are available for you to use today . These three policies are Redact , Activity Log and Rate Limit . This past quarter, we not only released policies that your organization knows and loves ...

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Identifying Keys in API Connect for JSON Security Objects

By Ulas Cubuk and Aiden Gallagher Special thanks to Dave Hay for his reviews Introduction Modern applications often use APIs to interact with sources of data, such as System of Records by allowing connected services and products to communicate with each other through a...

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