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Tracking Covid-19 With IBM Cloud, Open Shift, and Blockchain webinar

Part of the IBM Cloud Champions Speaker Series Webinar Summary Learn how Kilroy Blockchain in Austin,TX used IBM Cloud and Open Shift to build a Covid-19 contact tracing solution for Community Based Organizations. (CBO) called Casey. Organizations needing contact tracers, such...

 Tue January 26, 2021 | 01:00 PM - 02:00 PM ET

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Fitting Normal Curve to COVID Data

Daily COVID data for India is being reported in the net here . Various CSV files including raw data, daily data, state wise and district wise data are available in the site here . I was having a look at the Case Time Series data or quite some time, possibly from April 2020. The data looks like...

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How Watson Assistant and Discovery are Stabilizing the 2020 Election

If there's one thing most people would agree 2020 has become synonymous with, it's uncertainty. Uncertainty in the workplace...uncertainty with toilet paper...and even uncertainty in democracy. General fears about individual health, the fate of the USPS in flux, a shortage of poll workers, and...

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Watson Covid-19 Chatbot Training Path

Watson Covid-19 Chatbot Training Path - this learning path is for customers who have deployed a Covid-19 chatbot with IBM, but the learning path and the materials are a good source for ANYONE to come up to speed with Watson Assistant. #Covid-19 #chatbot #Featured-area-2-home #feeatured...

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How IBM Helped JOANN Stores’ Supply Chain Quickly Respond to COVID-19

While nearly all retail businesses have been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, JOANN shows how a company can quickly pivot in the face of disruptions to become more resilient and customer-centric by expanding omnichannel fulfillment capabilities. As COVID-19 spread and a severe shortage in...