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IBM Webinar:A hybrid approach to AIOps with Cloud Pak for Watson AIOps and IBM Z

Today's application lan d scapes are increasingly hybrid, complex and often include IBM Z. With limited staff, how do you effectively sift through terabytes of data in real-time to identify issues before it disrupts your business or becomes an outage? Organizations are drawn to...

 Tue May 18, 2021 | 09:00 AM - 10:00 AM PT

Startups with Sassi & Ralls: Call for Hyper Protect Accelerator Applications 2021

Join Melissa Sassi, IBM Z's Chief Penguin, and Aaron Ralls, IBM Z's Chief Technical Penguin, for a fireside chat with Village Capital's Director of Special Projects, Ben Younkman. Learn about the program benefits for fintech, healthtech, and insurtech startups collecting, storing, and/or...

 Wed April 14, 2021 | 12:00 PM - 12:30 PM ET

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デジタル変革に向けたクラウド・モダナイゼーション (vol97-0001-cloud)

企業におけるデジタル変革の必要性が広く叫ばれる中、国内では未だ多くの企業においてその取組みが不十分との指摘があり、企業の変革に向けて期待する成果を得るまでには至っていない現状にあります。そのような状況の中、自社の変革に向けたデジタル戦略として、企業はどのような方針や施策に取り組むべきか、その解の一つとなるのが、既存のIT資産を活用し最新テクノロジーで新たな価値を創造する、「アプリケーション・モダナイゼーション」であり、2020年来の新型コロナウイルスの影響下でより一層その重要性が増しています。 当記事では、デジタル変革におけるアプリケーション...

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Analytic Overview into IBM Cloud/Watson Studio o Enfoque Analítico para IBM Cloud/Watson Studio

Peruvian Data Science Expert and IBM Data Science Community member Leoncio Pablo Huaman Peredo shares a new video of the Data Science en Español series. Background: Leoncio Pablo Huaman Peredo works at IBM Perú, executing and developing automation solutions. As DS&AI ambassador, He is...

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IBM Cloud Consumption View By Organization and Resource Groups

This blog post is in the Public Cloud Community , but many of our customers using and deploying Watson applications will want to track consumption and costs. So it makes sens to mention it here. #Cloud

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