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What's New in IBM Mono2Micro 21.0.06

The June release of IBM ® Mono2Micro ™ introduces a host of new features to help you view and interact with application and analysis data in more intuitive ways, efficiently handle large amounts of data for huge applications, and provide new ways to filter and analyze the refactoring...

IBM Expert TV: What's New in Mono2Micro?

Join us to see the latest capabilities of IBM Mono2Micro, enabling the partitioning of a Java monolithic application into microservices and deployment into the Open Liberty cloud-optimized runtime. We’ll demonstrate its valuable insights into legacy code in our applications that may no longer be...

 Tue June 22, 2021 | 12:30 PM - 01:00 PM ET

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Webinar Alert! Modernize applications on z/OS using IBM Open Enterprise SDK for Go

When: Jun 3, 2021, from 9:00 AM to 10:00 AM (PT) Modernization is about delivering the best value to your customers, more quickly. This includes reducing the cost of maintaining your existing applications by updating or extending them. With Open Enterprise SDK for Go, IBM...

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Community Highlights - 25 May 2021 - Topics include Jakarta EE, Liberty, tWAS

Call for Code Global Challenge: Events & Webinars coming up: App Transformers (Tuesdays twice a month): 15 June 2021 - What's New in Mono2Micro? WebSphere and Liberty...

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Why, why, why? Tying modernization solutions back to the reason WHY

Holly Cummins ( @Holly Cummins ) and Dwight Ford shared valuable guidance for achieving modernization goals based on their experiences in the field in this week's Expert TV episode of App Transformers: More than Meets the Eye . The episode was "The WHY of Modernization" and we explored...

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Community Highlights - 11 May 2021 - Topics include Think, monitoring, and application transformation

Think 2021: Call for Code Global Challenge: Events & Webinars coming up: App Transformers (Tuesdays twice a month): 18 May 2021 - The WHY...

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What’s New in Transformation Advisor 2.4.2?

IBM Cloud Transformation Advisor 2.4.2 is now available. Transformation Advisor (TA) is a tool that guides enterprise teams through the uncertainties of migrating existing, on-premise applications to the cloud by providing recommendations on modernization changes and insight into expected...

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Application Modernization is great, but what about my data?!?

Roland ( @Roland Barcia ) and I explored concerns and options related to data modernization in this week's "App Transformers: More than Meets the Eye" Expert TV episode. Sometimes, the data drives the modernization. Sometimes, the modernization pulls the data with it. We discussed some...

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