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New SPSS Statistics Video Library now available

SPSS Statistics offers a comprehensive set of capabilities in support of the entire analytical process from data preparation and management to analysis and reporting. It simplifies and accelerates data analytics by offering a simple menu-driven user interface that allows you to get to insights...

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Resources for your team to get started with designing for AI

Many times teams struggle with how to start with Artificial Intelligence (AI) - how do you design the right applications and still be user-centered? What is the intent behind using AI? Does everyone on the team align on what AI is and how to best utilize it? IBM has several resources to get you...

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Quickly learn the basics of AI for business with IBM AI Foundations for Business specialization

Business Professionals, get up to speed quickly on the basics of AI, machine learning and AI strategies with IBM's new three course specialization on Coursera! Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are becoming an important part of business operations for many enterprises....

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Recap May 12 Virtual Meetup: Introduction to Modern NLP with Hugging Face and CORD-19

On Tuesday, we hosted our first virtual meetup: a new format that combines data science and AI talks and insights with an opportunity for mixing and mingling with other attendees and community members in an intimate, small-group setting before and after the main talk. Our very own Nick Acosta...

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Get started learning now

Rob Thomas, GM, IBM Data and AI, welcomes community members to access free and fee-based learning in the Data and AI Learning group. Get started today. #Hands-on #Hands-on-feature #AI-skills #AI-skills-feature

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Real-World Enterprise ML/AI Workflows with TWIML & IBM

Recently we kicked off a TWIML study group so that folks interested in taking the IBM AI Enterprise Workflow courses on Coursera could collaborate and support one another. Each of the courses in the six-course series is two weeks long (plus another two weeks at the end for a capstone...

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OpenDS4All is Live!

In early October, IBM announced that it was working with the university of Pennsylvania and the Linux Foundation to develop a starter kit of educational modules that can be used as the basis for the development of a data science curriculum by academic institutions. Today, I am excited to ...

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