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What’s Next in AI (vol97-0012-AI)

立花 隆輝 Ryuki Tachibana 日本アイ・ビー・エム株式会社 東京基礎研究所 AI担当シニア・マネージャー、シニア・テクニカル・スタッフ・メンバー 1998年日本IBM入社。以來、東京基礎研究所にてマルチメディア信号処理や音声言語処理などに従事。現在は、さらに自然言語処理、画像処理、エッジやロボット関連機械学習応用などを含めたAI関連プロジェクトのマネージメントを行う。 近年、ディープラーニング(深層学習)をはじめとする新しい AI 技術がもたらした素晴らしい技術成果を目にすることは多い一方で...

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SWAT Explains: Watson AIOps - Runbook Automation

In this video the developers of IBM Runbook Automation: Sebastian and Andreas, introduce IBM Runbook Automation as part of the Watson AIOps product set. We will explain the concepts and show in a demo how to create a first manual Runbook. This Runbook will then be enhanced to become semi...

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Protecting data across its lifecycle with governance and security

Exploring best practices for data in use and data in motion Author: Karen Madera Organizations collect a tremendous amount of data from a variety of sources and any of these data sources could potentially contain sensitive data. Data is often relocated for warehousing, reporting,...

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Your Power Systems guide for Think 2021

We understand that the world — and business — is in the midst of rapid and unpredictable change. Join us at Think 2021 , to have a chance to directly engage with world-class experts, industry leaders and peers. Learn about the future of hybrid cloud and AI and see how IBM Power Systems...

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The Document As We Know It Is About To Change Forever

Eric Walk has a vision for AI and Document Management. As Senior Technical Architect for Perficient, an IBM Business Partner, Walk has put a lot of time into thinking about documents. He looks at IBM’s new AI-powered Automation Document Processing , with its ability to classify and extract much...

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PyTorch on IBM Z and LinuxONE

This is a great example of an open source developer, in this case, a contributor to the PyTorch project who gets access to a LinuxONE and decides to build and validate a popular open source project like PyTorch in the s390x processor architecture of IBM Z and LinuxONE. Great job Hong Xu! He...