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Enterprise Data & AI Virtual Symposium - 27th April 2021

REGISTER NOW! SECURE YOUR PLACE Successful digital transformation demands integration between your AI and hybrid cloud strategy – with data at the core. This symposium will feature Tom Davenport who will share his insight on the role of AI and the new mandate to drive return on investment. ...

 Tue April 27, 2021 | 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM ET

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The Difference Between Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Automation & What Unites Them

Computer automation couldn't exist without data science as a field. On the other hand, all those fancy machine learning subroutines would be rather useless if there wasn't at least some way to get them to do practical work. Unfortunately, the interaction between all of these fields makes it...

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SWAT explains: Watson AIOps - Topology Manager

Hi community, this is an Introduction and Overview video into a part IBM Watson AIOps which is called Topology Manager. It is included in the portfolio as a supporting program and does not need to be licensed separately. So you have it already, when you buy Watson AIOps. In this video Zane...

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IBM App Connect: [“What’s New?”] Introducing Preview Mode for Mapping intelligent suggestions from AI enabled Mapping Assist.

Contributors: Thanmayi Mruthyunjaya, Nagarjuna Surabathina, Matu Agarwal Mapping Assist introduces Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities in IBM App Connect to accelerate the speed of integration development, shorten time to value, and improve the overall user experience by providing...

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IBM AppConnect [What’s New]: Customised map suggestions from AI-powered Mapping Assist based on user flow history

Contributors: Saptarshi Misra , Dhiraj Kumar Mishra Mapping Assist introduces Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities in IBM App Connect to accelerate the speed of development, shorten time to value and improve overall user experience by providing intelligent data map...

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Resources for your team to get started with designing for AI

Many times teams struggle with how to start with Artificial Intelligence (AI) - how do you design the right applications and still be user-centered? What is the intent behind using AI? Does everyone on the team align on what AI is and how to best utilize it? IBM has several resources to get you...

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AIを活用したインテリジェント・ワークフロー (vol97-0002-AI)

AI は人間には容易だが機械には難しかった画像認識や自然言語処理でブレークスルーを起こし、企業においても大きく注目されることになっています。さらに AI の活用範囲は広がりミッションクリティカルな業務のワークフローにおいても人間による意思決定をサポートする形で導入が進んでいます。 IBM ではこのようにデータと AI により高度化されたワークフローをインテリジェント・ワークフローとして提唱しています [ 1 ] 。本論文ではインテリジェント・ワークフローの中で人と協調して働く AI をデータ指向の AI とモデル指向の AI として整理し...

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Flying to the Moon from the Backroom — Mission Control

I've just published the latest in my series of articles on SRE lessons from the Lunar Landing... in this article I discuss some of the work done by flight controllers in Mission Control, their difficulties and how we'd approach this problem today. Here's a hint - AIOps, specifically Cloud Pak...

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Watson AIOps : AI for IT Operations Management

At first, there were distributed computing systems, next, there were fault-tolerant systems, then, autonomic computing, and now, AI Operations. Someone once said that there is nothing new in Computer Science and that the same concepts keep coming back every few years. It’s like old wine being...

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Workplace - How IBM is Creating New Tools for Intelligent Work Management

Until only very recently, any large enterprise that wanted to monitor their office workers’ productivity and help those falling behind is to ask them. “How are you doing?” Often called, “Management By Walking Around,” it was the best you could hope for, if also inaccurate and impossible to...

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