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IBM Cloud Now: IBM and AT&T Collaboration, New Partnership with ClearBlade, and Code Risk Analyzer

Welcome back to IBM Cloud Now, a bi-weekly series bringing you the latest and greatest IBM Cloud news and announcements. Make sure to check out the IBM Cloud Blog for a full rundown of all announcements: This week, we're covering the following: ( ...

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VIDEO: The Future of Data with Sam Lightstone, IBM (27:47)

Sam Lightstone, IBM CTO, walks through the exciting times we live in and what he envisions for the future of data. #ibmer #sam-lightstone #youtube

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VIDEO: What is Data's Future? With Sam Lightstone, IBM (3:18)

Sam Lightstone, IBM CTO, shares his view on what changes we can expect in data in the near future. #youtube #sam-lightstone #ibmer

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