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New IBM Planning Analytics Features Accelerate Use and Adoption

IBM recently released IBM Planning Analytics Workspace version 2.0.57, which adds anticipated and exciting new capabilities to the powerful planning and analysis tool. All users of Planning Analytics will find something new, and users at QueBIT are no exception. We use Planning Analytics and...

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Predictive Forecasting - Mailbag (FAQ)

Thanks to everyone for your feedback! I’ll share my answers to some of the questions that I’ve received regarding the new predictive forecasting feature. (New question) Adding a line chart that displays the predictive forecasting formatting to my book. This is not as straight forward...

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What Cloud Clients need to know about moving to the New Experience in IBM Planning Analytics Workspace

The 2.0.58 SC update to Planning Analytics on Cloud brings with it, a significant UI change to Planning Analytics Workspace as well as many new and rich features within the product. This update will change the look and feel and also the current navigation experience in Workspace. You can find...

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Organize your planning interfaces as Applications

How do you organize your planning UIs? How do you organize your planning workspace books, views, websheets? Today you probably put them in a set of folders. Folders have their uses. They're great for the people building the solution who have to manage many reports and books, but they don't...

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New welcome page, new navigation, and new charting in Planning Analytics Workspace!

In Michael Mcgeein’s recent blog, you were introduced to the new Planning Analytics Workspace SC57. Michael outlined some of the upcoming release's new capabilities, including Guided Planning The new landing page New visualizations AI-based forecasting This blog will go into more...

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Planning Sucks...

…and everyone hates Lisa. Why? She’s the Director of Budgeting and Planning. Lisa always wants more, needs more, immediately in that ridiculously stressed-out, hair-on-fire, sky-is-falling kind of way. And her timing is always the worst . Its 4:45 on Friday afternoon, and...

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Easy Forecasting for Planning Users

As mentioned in Mike McGeein’s recent blog New IBM Planning Analytics Capabilities , Planning Analytics Workspace SC57 includes a new predictive forecasting feature that can help you create more accurate forecasts and improve your forecasting cycles. Why is predictive...

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New IBM Planning Analytics capabilities, start leveraging them today!

New IBM Planning Analytics capabilities, start leveraging them today! The fall release of the Planning Analytics Workspace (SC57), the most significant update to the product ever, is now available for you to install. This is for local installation, a SaaS update is coming later this month. ...

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Getting started in Planning Analytics Trial

Congratulations on signing up for IBM Planning Analytics Trial! IBM Planning Analytics is a powerful, yet easy to use cloud solution that will help you overcome the common frustrations of using spreadsheet based processes for planning and analysis. Planning Analytics Trial allows you to use...

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