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Correlating z/OS Connect EE APIs with CICS Transactions using OMEGAMON for JVM and OMEGAMON for CICS

A much-valued feature of IBM Z OMEGAMON for JVM, V550 is z/OS Connect EE API monitoring and its ability to identify the backend service provider application; transaction and/or program name. Using an OMEGAMON-supplied interceptor, every API call made to z/OS Connect EE is recorded in a z/OS log...

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IBM Z OMEGAMON for JVM, V550 – Now Without Health Center

Since its inception in 2016, IBM® Z® OMEGAMON® for JVM has leveraged the Java TM tools component Health Center agent as a source of monitoring data. Health Center is an excellent diagnostic and performance analysis tool in its own right. When used with the Eclipse framework plugin it provides...

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Observability vs APM vs Monitoring

Are we using the terms Monitoring, APM and Observability interchangeably? Are we using it right? How traditional monitoring infrastructure/architecture may not serve cloud-native/microservices architecture Typical cloud-native architecture and components 3 important characteristics of...

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The Business Value of Observability : The downstream effect of complete visibility

Join IBM and Instana (an IBM Company) as we bridge the gap from Observability capabilities to delivering on real Business KPIs. Formatted for maximum value as each webinar in the series includes practical application through real-world use cases. You will see live demonstrations and have an...

 Wed April 28, 2021 | 01:00 PM - 02:00 PM ET

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Know everything with Instana, Solve it with WatsonAIOps - Demo by Pratik Gupta, CTO & Distinguished Engineer

Alexander Pope, the great 18th Century English poet, wrote, “A little knowledge is a dangerous thing,” and we’ve been quoting him ever since. Lately,it occurred to me as I watched a terrific new demo of the new IBM Acqusition, Instana. As a Customer Support professional for many years, I...

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See for yourself how easy it is to make Instana capture everything for you

Check how Instana provides immediate, exact understanding with zero effort ! Automated Discovery Dependency map Root Cause Performance Optimisation #watsonAIOps #observability #APM #applicationmonitoring


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Why We’re Bringing Netcool Capabilities into Watson AIOps

A blast from the past .... On July 28, 2020, we announced that we will bring the superb event management, topology, and predictive insights capabilities from Omnibus/Netcool into Watson AIOps . We have refactored and cloud-nativized these capabilities to offer our clients a...

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Try IBM® Z OMEGAMON® for JVM for FREE with the IBM Z software trials program

Learn about how to monitor online Java™ workloads on z/OS in a live IBM hosted environment without installing or incurring any costs. That’s right, all you need to do is register using your IBM ID and follow the email instructions to access a remote user session - and away you go. The Z...

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