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What does 32G NVMe over Fibre Channel Do For Database Efficiency and Performance in a VMware Environment?

We commissioned Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) to validate the performance of databases running in a virtualized environment. Turns out, 32G NVMe over FC can do a lot for database efficiency and performance. This report documents the details and results of the performance testing of the NVMe...

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Spinning up an NVMe/FC Strategy using Cisco’s C-type SAN Switches

Every so often there comes a time when we witness a major shift in the IT industry that fundamentally changes the landscape, including product portfolios and investment strategies. Storage and Storage Area Networks (SANs) are undergoing one such paradigm shift that opens up a huge opportunity...

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IBM FlashSystem Named in the 10 Hottest SSD and Flash Storage Products Of 2020

Flash storage continues to mature as vendors including IBM, Dell EMC, HPE, Hitachi Vantara, and Pure Storage adopt the latest technologies including NVMe, low-cost QLC flash, and Intel Optane while using software to help squeeze even more performance. IBM in February said it would eliminate...

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Storage Capacity Unit (SCU)

Storage Capacity Unit (SCU) とは、IBM System Storage 製品が提供する各種機能の従量課金単位です。 2020年2月11日現在 IBM Spectrum Virtualize *, IBM Virtual Storage Center (VSC)*, IBM Spectrum Control ** 製品に対して SCU 単位の課金方式が適用 * IBM SAN Volume Controller あるいは IBM FlashSystem 上で外部仮想化機能を利用する場合...

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